Erio Rosario | Talk With An Executive
Caregivers & Families
November 11, 2023

Erio Rosario | Talk With An Executive

Erio Rosario, a dedicated Regional Executive Director at Spring Hills, has been pivotal to the company's growth since 2004, fostering a culture of perseverance and continuous personal and professional development within the team.

Erio Rosario is one of our Regional Executive Directors.  He oversees 6, soon to be 7 Assisted Living Communities in New Jersey.  Erio started his Spring Hills journey in 2004, when Spring hills bought two assisted living facilities in Somerset, NJ.  He was the Business Office Manager at what we named The Meadows.  It was licensed as a Comprehensive Personal Care Home.  He was quickly promoted to Executive Director and was tasked to close the community and safely transfer the residents to other locations.  Erio later became the Executive Director at Spring Hills Somerset where be brought the census from 75% to 96% in.

Erio continues his career with Spring Hills because he says Spring Hills is “a great organization” with a strong company culture and values and that he “loves to be part of the growth process”.  When asked “What advice would you give to other employees wanting to grow and perhaps even obtain to a position similar as yours?”  Erio responded simply with “cultivate perseverance within yourself.”  Like anything else, anything worth having takes work and time.

Over the last 8 years, Erio has come to appreciate the autonomy he is given to be able to make decisions.  If there is a concern, he looks at the problem, defines it, looks for alternative solutions and implements the solution as a team.  He loves coaching his team.  Erio finds it motivating to help his associates do their best.  He feels that success is being able to do the things you love and helping others along the way.

Erio says he loves working with associates who pursue personal development and professional training or other learning opportunities to improve their skills to grow their knowledge and career.  He thinks it is important for everyone to evaluate what they have learned from every situation, bad or good.  Erio said, “There is always a lesson on the other side of a bad day.”  

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