The History of Spring Hills: From 1999 to the Present

Spring Hills Senior Communities embodies dedication and quality in senior care from its inception to the present day.

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A Caring Continuum with a Commitment to Quality

Since 1999, Spring Hills Senior Communities has been caring for seniors and other individuals in need of quality health care. At every one of our home health agencies, post acute care centers and assisted living facilities, you’ll find compassionate people who delight in providing customized care tailored to meet the needs of each individual we serve.

2015 - Memory Care Focus

Launching Poet’s Walk Brand

The creation of the Poet’s Walk memory care brand showcased our specialized care capabilities. 'We provide personalized care that resonates with each individual,' shares Markowits.
Poets Walk | Spring Hills
2017 - Strategic Developments

Poet’s Walk Expansion

The opening of new Poet’s Walk locations and the expansion of Home Care to Nevada illustrated our strategic growth. 'We're dedicated to building communities that care,' states Markowits.
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2018 - Comprehensive Care

Enhancing Post Acute Care

The establishment of Post Acute Care Centers and campuses reflected a comprehensive approach to healthcare. 'Integrated care is fundamental to our philosophy,' explains Markowits.
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2019 - Growing in Texas

Home Care Expansion to Texas

Extending Home Care services to Texas allowed us to support even more families. 'We are excited to bring our trusted care to the Texas community,' remarks Markowits.
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2020 - Innovative Health Programs

Launching Health Initiatives

The Population Health and Comprehensive Cardiac Programs were introduced alongside a rebranding to emphasize our robust support system. 'These programs are the epitome of our innovative spirit in healthcare,' concludes Markowits.
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