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Assisted Living Facility In Dayton, Ohio

Experience the warmth of community with unparalleled care at Spring Hills Singing Woods, where every day is tailored to your happiness and well-being.

Assisted Living Facility In Dayton, Ohio

Redefine the way you think about assisted living. At Spring Hills Senior Communities, we provide exceptional memory care assisted living in Dayton, OH where residents thrive in complete wellbeing. Our community will change the way you view assisted living. Here, we’re all about creating a loving, upbeat environment focused on the total wellbeing of each resident. Through innovative and engaging programs, gourmet dining, a modern setting, and personalized care, our residents continue living on their terms and enjoy what each day brings.

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Assisted Living Facility In Dayton, Ohio

  • 24-Hour Nursing
  • Family Care Conferences
  • Physicians + Medical Services, On-Site Therapy
  • Multidisciplinary Team Care + Support
  • Sensory Therapy

We do not limit ourselves to assistance with daily living services, that’s just where it begins. By understanding the benefits gained by recommending additional services such as chiropractic, massage therapy, podiatry, or even fitness classes, value can be added to our residents’ daily lives. Our Resident Care team excels with this whole person, wellness approach.

Assisted Living Facility In Dayton, Ohio

Our Concierge Services are responsible for ensuring that all our residents are receiving individualized services. The Concierge Services’ most significant role is to communicate with all parties (associates, families, residents, outside services) to make certain that our residents are experiencing all that Spring Hills has to offer throughout their stay.

So if tea is the preferred beverage, our dining staff will know that tidbit. If red lipstick over mauve is the preference, our care staff will be informed.

If a resident wants to set a personal goal, the Concierge Services will make sure that associates and families help them achieve it. Have a Question? Feel confident that there is someone to make sure resolutions are prompt through this unique service.

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Home Care | Spring Hills

Assisted Living Facility In Dayton, Ohio

Spring Hills Residents enjoy the selection of a restaurant style menu that have various options from appetizers, soups and salads, to hot and cold entrees. Our meals are not frozen or processed, they are home cooked.

Our Resident Menu Planning Committee assures that our residents continue to participate in the selection of menu options and recipes. We’ve transformed our usage of stock ingredients into high quality, natural ingredients using a “garden to table” approach.

Our residents and associates shared in this story by planting a community garden that will feed our dining creations. This holistic meal option will surely have a transformative effect on our residents’ minds, bodies, and palettes.

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Assisted Living Facility In Dayton, Ohio

Our approach to our residents’ social lives stays true to our holistic philosophy. Our activities are designed to offer choice encompassing the intellectual, physical, social, cultural, creative, and more.

We offer traditional community activities all year for residents to enjoy, however, our Signature Touches are highly interactive and engaging to move the Body, intrigue the Mind, and inspire the Spirit.

Each month we feature Signature Touches programming, some of which are offered by professionals and experts such as: Computer Classes, Creative Writing, Poetry Reading, Enhance Fitness, Tai Chi and Yoga, Gourmet Cooking, Master Gardening, and so much more.

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Assisted Living Facility In Dayton, Ohio

“ Live Happy”  Engaging in social activities can reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation, promoting mental health and resilience.

Furthermore, regular social interaction has been linked to cognitive stimulation, enhancing overall cognitive function, and contributing to a healthier, more fulfilling life.

Assisted Living Facility In Dayton, Ohio

At Spring Hills, our teams understand how special personal memorabilia is to our residents. Our teams take the time to clean resident apartments based on their individual liking. By knowing our residents so well, our housekeepers appreciate their precious family mementoes, as well as their habits. Paying attention to it all ensures our residents are happy with our service.

Providing a safe environment for all requires diligence. We work to ensure our infrastructure and grounds are well kept. With physical limitations restricting some of our residents’ independence, we assist families and residents in special requests to keep apartments safe and appropriate, so our Residents can live happy.

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Unlock Exclusive Experiences: Upcoming Events

Dive into a world of unique opportunities and unforgettable moments with our curated events lineup. From enlightening workshops to electrifying competitions, each event is designed to inspire, entertain, and connect. Explore what's on the horizon and reserve your spot in the journey of growth, learning, and fun.

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Innovation Workshop: Future Trends

Join us for a day of discovery and insight at our Innovation Workshop. Delve into future trends that are shaping our world. Engage with industry leaders and like-minded peers in an environment fueled by creativity and forward-thinking. Perfect for enthusiasts eager to stay ahead of the curve.

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Rhythms of the Night: Dance Showcase

Experience the magic of movement at our dazzling dance showcase, Rhythms of the Night. Witness a spectacular array of performances that celebrate the art of dance in all its forms. A night of passion, artistry, and community awaits. Don't miss out on this breathtaking event.

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Eco-Conscious Living: Sustainability Fair

Embark on a journey to sustainability with our Eco-Conscious Living Fair. Discover eco-friendly practices, innovative products, and green technologies that can help you lead a more sustainable lifestyle. Connect with experts and enthusiasts in a day full of learning, sharing, and inspiration.

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