Dorothy Kalksma | The Associate Exprience
November 8, 2023

Dorothy Kalksma | The Associate Exprience

Spring Hills is advancing its commitment to excellence by enhancing associate experiences and attracting top talent, underpinned by the expertise of Dorothy Kalksma, our new Director of Associate Experience.

As Spring Hills moves further into 2022, we will continue to look for ways to implement programs and initiatives to enhance our associates’ experience and attract more top talent in the workplace. As part of this effort to retain great associates and attract new ones, Spring Hills hired Dorothy Kalksma as Director of Associate Experience.

Dorothy comes to us with over 20 years of experience working in the employee engagement space. Dorothy’s first step was to listen and understand the goals and vision of our Executive Leadership Team when it comes to the associates’ experience. She then set out on a listening tour to take a pulse of the current associate experience. She did this through one-on-one conversations with associates at each of our communities. She has just a few more communities to go. Through this process Dorothy has gained a better perspective on the current culture and needs of the associates.

She is now working on the Associate Experience Strategy for 2022 and will be presenting it to Executive Leadership in the next few weeks. It is a very exciting time for Spring Hills and we look forward to some great programs and initiatives that will continually improve the associates’ experience here.

Thank you to all of you who participated in the Associate Experience 2022 survey. Reputation, our survey company, has collected the survey data and we will begin reviewing the results. In the next few weeks, leadership will communicate via email to all associates sharing what our organization has been found to be doing well and the areas where we can improve.

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