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Working in Home Care Services

September 29, 2021 | Blog

Home care affords patients the opportunity to feel safe, secure, and cared for in the comfort of their home. At Spring Hills our home care services are part of our continuum of care. Some reasons patients might need home care is if they are suffering from memory impairment, can no longer do their own house keeping, struggle with mobility and need assistance walking, require assistance in meal prep, bathing transportation, and more. Working in home care can also be rewarding and a great way to enter the healthcare industry. 

Benefits working in home care include: 

Home healthcare is growing 

Home healthcare is a growing part of the healthcare industry. As it grows it brings opportunities all over the country. This is a great way to start your clinician career. 

Enhance your skills 

In home care you are working independently. You are often alone with your patient making it the best way for you to face challenges, become resourceful, and develop stronger skills.

More flexibility 

A common benefit of working in Home Care is having more control of your work schedule. Once you get your case, you create a schedule that works with you and your patient. You even have control of your days off. 

Better connection with patients

An important benefit of working in this field is the connections you are able to build. You are making an impactful difference in a patient’s everyday life. Working one-on-one with someone gives you the opportunity to build a personal relationship and essentially become a part of the family.

Challenges of Working in Home Care

Though there are many benefits in working in home care, with any industry there comes challenges. Healthcare is an  industry that faces many challenges but also finds solutions. When nurses enter this field they must be prepared for the obstacles that might come, here are some common challenges with home care: 

Patient Safety 

When caring in someone’s home there are specific risks that can be found at home, including infection control, layout of the home, environmental hazards. The best way to combat this challenge is to rigorously assess and modify these risks. Safety should be a priority in the stability of home based care, it is considered in the implementation of medical equipment in the home, communication tools for the care teams, the education of patients and family caregivers. 

Unwilling patients 

Some patients might not welcome a home care nurse, or want the presence of one in their home. They either want their family caregiver to continue their care, or feel as though home care could strip away their independence or be an invasion of their privacy. It is important to have the discussion about care and what your service will provide. They might come to an understanding and reevaluate their stance. 

Keeping families informed

Family members also tend to play a significant role in a patient’s care, even if they are able to make their own decisions. One task caregivers can face is making sure all parties of a patient’s care circle are educated, informed and understand relevant treatments, symptoms, and medications. The best way to keep patients and families informed is through sharing health information in the form of instructions, explanations, and reminders.

Spring Hills

When hiring at Spring Hills, we take in consideration many different attributes in a person. Home care is essential in our continuum of care and we make sure the best people are doing that job. Here is a quote from Brittany Stout on what we look for in associates working in home care. 

“First and foremost, we choose quality in the person, followed by the quality of their experience. We understand that working with our aging population involves a relationship based around care, compassion, consideration, and patience. Therefore, we look for those qualities in our Home Care associates to create the idea of an extended family member and needed resource for our clients as their care needs change.” – Brittany Stout, Director of Health and Wellness, Spring Hills Home Care Services – OH

When your loved one is in need of a little extra support, they may benefit from Spring Hills’ Continuum of Care and Services. We believe that Caring with a Commitment to Quality should be at the core of every healthcare decision. Spring Hills associates manage innovative and distinctive home care where people can live each day to its fullest in a supportive environment within their own home. At Spring Hills, you’ll find a warm, welcoming team where you can flourish in whatever way that looks like for you.

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