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Why Trust Your Healthcare Provider?

October 29, 2019 | Blog

In this day and age, we often deal with the accusations of “fake news” that intimidates politics and religion, along with an increase in miracle cures and self-diagnosing. This widespread of mistrust has seeped into the healthcare industry and is causing people not to trust their healthcare providers anymore. Studies have shown that “In 2018, only 34% of the general public has a positive view of the healthcare industry, compared with 1975, when 80% of the public had confidence in the medical system.” So why is it so hard for people to trust their healthcare providers?

One of the main reasons why people aren’t trusting their healthcare providers is due to media trends that portray doctors as untrustworthy. The media is extremely powerful due to its ability to reach a great number of individuals all around the world. We’ve all seen the big stories about doctors being arrested for fraud or for harassing their patients. Unfortunately, the stories about the good doctors often get overlooked and don’t get as much attention from the press.

charming young woman and senior woman in a  wheelchair sit together in a park and have fun

Did you know that trusting your healthcare provider can have better outcomes? A 2017 peer-reviewed study explained that patient who trusts healthcare professionals “are more satisfied with their treatment, have fewer symptoms and pursue healthier behaviors.” Similarly to trust in a relationship, it is very important to have that same trust with your healthcare provider. According to an article published by Modern Healthcare “There are varied definitions of trust, but they frequently reflect a consistent set of attributes, such as competence, integrity, transparency, compassion, reliability, confidentiality and vulnerability.” Therefore if you’re looking to rebuild trust with your healthcare professional, consider making trust the initial topic of conversation with your provider.

At our company, we take extra steps from the moment that they call or walk-in for a tour to ensure that we earn their initial trust and continue to maintain that trust throughout their stay in our care. Here are a few of the ways that we do that.


WOW Moments

From the moment that a new senior or their loved one first makes contact with us, we begin the process of learning everything about them. After that, we begin putting together a WOW (Willingness to Observe our resident’s Wishes) Moment that incorporates those aspects of their life. It helps them to feel welcome into our care and serves as a way to help build trust from the get-go.

Complete Transparency

Trust is built on honesty. That is why, as a company, we are consistently available to family members to help foster those feelings of trust. We use advanced technology so families can see their care for their loved ones in realtime. We also communicate with families by SMILE Technology.

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Deficiency-Free Surveys & Online Reviews

Online reputation is another big part of growing trust. That is why we value online reviews and perfect scores on deficiency-free surveys so much.

Individualized Onboarding & Discovery

During the sales process, our company learns everything about that individual and their families to ensure quality care is provided upon admission into our care.

When it comes to healthcare, the ability to have trust in your provider is absolutely vital to a successful relationship. In senior care, you are placing the task of ensuring your loved one’s final years are enjoyable and pleasant and the provider should take them seriously. If your doctor displays any of the characteristics of trust, you’re on the right track to ensuring a respectful relationship. Believe it or not, the individuals who work in the healthcare industry all have the same goal, to ensure that healthcare is delivered in an efficient and well-mannered way.

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