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What’s Best For You?

September 17, 2018 | Blog

Researching care options for you or your loved one can leave you with the feeling of uncertainty since most transitions deal with misconceptions of losing independence. Understanding what type of care is best for you or your loved one is an important step in life for everyone involved. The assistance required for your healthcare needs will determine what type service is best. The four different types of senior care we will discuss include: Home Care, Adult Day Care, Assisted Living and Nursing Homes.

Home Care

When an individual has specific healthcare needs, in-home care is usually the first choice providers suggest. Home care is typically for people who are getting older, have chronic illnesses, recovering from an injury or medical procedure. Home care incorporates multiple services like personal care, homemaking, cooking and health care services. Home care agencies often have a team of experienced and dedicated home health aids that provide one-on-one care and attention to simple companionship of an individual that is suited to their specific lifestyle. Being at home provides a sense of comfort and independence by allowing people to live in the home they worked so hard to afford and maintain over the years. When deciding what’s best for you, consider agencies that offer programs or packages designed for disease management, specifically for those suffering with arthritis, diabetes, dementia, cardiovascular disease and other chronic illnesses.

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Adult Day Care

Known as a great resource for family caregivers, Adult Day Care Services ensure that the individual is receiving the quality care in a friendly, safe and secure environment. Finding the best adult day care for you or a loved one will depend on his or her needs. Nonetheless, joining an adult day care can provide a sense of community and increase socialization. Most adult day cares pair patients with a peer that shares interests, cultural values, beliefs, as well as wellness programs and activities to celebrate independence. When making this decision, consider agencies that offer recreational therapy programs to nurture the mind, body, and spirit for active adults who want to continue to enjoy the sports, hobbies and other recreational activities they love.

Assisted Living

The main focus of an assisted living facility is to keep the resident as independent as possible. If an individual can not live on their own, but are not in need of nursing care, an assisted living facility is most likely the best choice. Assisted living communities provide a combination of housing, dining, social and personal care services. Assisted living facilities usually offer the right blend of personal attention and individualized assistance that is helpful to regain a certain level of independence. When choosing the best location for you, consider communities that provide holistic solutions for everyday life. They should have tailored, individualized care plans, a safe and secure environment for peace of mind, assistance with fall prevention, a warm and friendly home-like atmosphere, engaging programs, and delicious and nutritious meals.

Nursing Homes

People often misinterpret nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Older adults who do not need to be in a hospital but can not be cared for at an assisted living facility are placed in nursing homes. Most nursing homes are similar to hospitals, with staff who provide medical, physical, speech and occupational therapy. The main difference between nursing homes and assisted living facilities are the medical services provided. Nursing home residents need 24 hour care with monitoring or respiratory care services. In contrast to assisted living facilities, nursing home focus on nursing care and rehabilitative services since these patients usually have more chronic conditions. When trying to find the best option for you or a loved one, consider a skilled nursing facility that has a variety of programs and care plans to make sure your personal care needs are met.

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