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What is Population Health Management

November 1, 2021 | Blog

Population Health Management is a concentrated holistic approach to improving patient health outcomes to a group of individuals. The goal is to seek methods to improve patients outcomes and control costs. Some benefits are Population Health Management can provide the ability to be proactive with health care treatment and prevention, increase patient engagement and motivation to stay healthy through preventative care and assist them in improvement before entering high-risk groups, as well as empowering patients to play a role in bettering their own health and wellness.

At Spring Hills we aim to deliver measurable results across the continuum of care. Our approach to Population Health Management provides all the premier care services you’d expect from a leader, including our state-of-the-art connective technology. Our clients are people who are looking for partners in value-based care models and managing the risk of patients and populations. We help patients and their caregivers engage in their healthcare journey by:

  • Identifying and assessing We develop an evidence-based action plan based on each patient’s unique risks, needs and circumstances.
  • Care coordination – We ensure that the plan of care supports what’s best for the individual based on preferences for psychosocial, educational, therapeutic and other non-medical services.
  • Patient engagement Our program stresses the importance of ongoing patient and practitioner collaboration
  • Analytics and reporting Our approach delivers measurable results. We constantly evaluate effectiveness in order to improve and innovate our offering. 
  • Interdisciplinary team Our nurses, pharmacists, social workers and physicians collaborate to apply evidence-based, multidisciplinary care supported by machine learning, multichannel communication tools and digital front doors. 

Our Approach:

24/7/365 support

Patients will have the peace of mind of knowing our clinical support team can serve their needs at any time.

High-risk management

Our dedicated team of care specialists has the expertise to manage patients with high and rising-risk needs. We are committed to creating value for all stakeholders by managing and mitigating risk.

Clinical support

We ensure patients are connected to primary care and specialty care providers, and that individuals understand and have proper insurance coverage 

Pharmaceutical management

Using an evidence-based standard of care, our clinical pharmacist team provides comprehensive medication management, improving medication adherence and self-care by the patient. 

Remote patient monitoring & Telehealth

We leverage the latest remote health technology to create ease of access for patients and ability to deliver higher value to complex patients.

Care delivered at home

We enable patients to stay in the comfort of home while still getting the attention they need.

Social work

Recognizing the importance of addressing the social, emotional and environmental issues that impact a patient’s overall healthcare journey, our social workers listen and discover important details to create meaningful relationships with patients—so they always know they’re not alone. 

Technology integration

Utilizing technology to create a seamless communication flow between patients, providers and their caregivers, we leverage alternative communication options to empower engagement 

At Spring Hills, we understand the relationship between you and your family and your community healthcare providers. We continue to pioneer new strategies in the field of healthcare, thanks to our leaders and experts. Benefits of our partnership include, decreased cost of care, decreased unnecessary hospitalization, greater patient experience, comprehensive medication management and more. Spring Hills is a proven leader in Population Health. Our unique offering has the potential to create a healthier outlook for families and healthcare providers. Read more about our expansion here.

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