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Ways to Combat Post-Holiday Loneliness in the Elderly

December 27, 2016 | Blog

With the holiday season comes time spent with family and friends, often relished in memories of the past. For many seniors in an assisted living community, the post-holiday season is one of heightened depression and loneliness. Ample time spent with loved ones may increase memories of those who have passed, or may simply make the next few weeks feel especially lonely. With over 6 million seniors in the United States experiencing depression, it is important to identify its symptoms and provide your loved one with the comfort they deserve.

Ideas for Uplifting Spirits During the Post-Holiday Period

One of the most therapeutic and simplest ways to combat feelings of depression in your loved one is to simply be present. Chat daily with them, even if only over the phone. If you do have the capability, spend some time wit them enjoying activities such as:

A Family-Like Environment at a Caring Senior Assisted Living Facility

With both assisted living and private home care, seniors can take advantage of the socialization and comradery that comes with being around other adults and sharing time with like-minded individuals. At Spring Hills, we offer a variety of unique therapeutic programs and activities to keep seniors engaged and interacting with others:

There is so much to embrace about life. At Spring Hills, we welcome our residents into our loving, nurturing environment where they can be at ease and explore their own joys at their pace.

We understand the natural feelings of isolation that many people experience during the post-holiday season. Contact us to have any questions answered or for any assistance to ensure that your loved one is leading a healthy and fulfilled life.

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