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Top Five Qualities that Make A Great Team Member

February 13, 2019 | Blog

Possessing the qualities to work independently as well as with a team is an excellent attribute for a great team member. This is especially important in the healthcare industry as it can be very effective when providing care to a patient.  It is important to have a strong team in the workplace because it allows for projects to be executed more efficiently. According to a study conducted by the NCBI, “effective teamwork is now globally recognized as an essential tool for constructing a more effective and patient-centered health care delivery system.” When multiple individuals work on the same project, each can focus on different areas of the same problem and provide reciprocal support. So what makes a great team member? Here is our list of the top five qualities every member of a team should possess.

Be Reliable
Working with a team member who makes promises that they can not keep can be very frustrating to work with. A great team member is one that can be counted on. Those who are reliable will have the ability to be a valuable asset to their team by providing what was asked of them in a timely manner. Remember to stay consistent with your work, as it can make others perceive you as reliable.

Be a Good Communicator

Being able to clearly speak and convey your ideas or thoughts is a valuable skill to have. Moreover, being able to listen carefully to what your team members are saying and providing positive or challenging suggestions is what makes this invaluable skill. Communication is an important characteristic for a team member to have. Whether you’re reporting to your boss or are working with your coworkers, communication is imperative in preventing errors, failure and sometimes lawsuits. Communicating effectively can improve performance, morale, teamwork and bring success to your business.

Be Supportive

Probably one of the greatest qualities a great team member should have is being supportive of others ideas, concepts, and offer assistance as needed. It is essential in building a strong team. A supportive team member should offer positive feedback and help others when in need. It can also leave a good impression on upper management when an associate provides the willingness to collaborate and assist their team members when in need.

Be Productive

When you bring something valuable to the table, it shows your contribution to the team’s overall vision and goals. A great team member stays driven and focused on their task while utilizing their talent, focus, and effort to accomplish a task. Furthermore, an employee should bring some type of intrinsic value to the team. Adding something to the team no one else has can allow your strengths to flourish while providing a unique asset to the whole team.

Be Cooperative

Some work very well on their own and get their tasks done on time. However, when you’re working with a team, you need to be cooperative and be able to work with others. Without this quality, there wouldn’t be a team, to begin with. In the workplace, teams should know how to work together and assign projects or tasks to realistically reach a certain goal.

At Spring Hills Senior Communities, we aim to staff individuals who can work well with a team as well as provide quality care to our clients. Our Vice President of Home Care Operations, Andre Gomez, explains “We aspire to hire associates that are team oriented and enjoy collaborating with colleagues to execute projects effectively. We encourage candidates of all backgrounds to apply and work with us at Spring Hills Senior Communities.” For more information about our company culture, contact us. 

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