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Three Ways to Build Integrity in the Workplace

March 13, 2019 | Blog

One of the fundamental values that employers seek is Integrity. To have integrity means to value relationships as well as acting with honesty and truthfulness. Those who possess this quality appeal to others as trustworthy and reliable, which is one of the five qualities every team member should have. Building Integrity in the workplace will impact trust and coworker relationships which in return can have positive effects on the company’s work environment. Therefore, if you seek a superior workforce focus on building integrity and trust in the workplace. Here are three ways to do just that:

Do Not Gossip:

Do not gossip or assume anything about anyone in the workplace. Go straight to the source and confirm the facts before talking about an absent employee. Trust is learned when people know that their name isn’t talked down upon. It is easier said than done, but the truth is that gossip can be very toxic. If a problem at your workplace arises, try and resolve the issue with the individual in person before reporting it to your supervisor.

Be Responsible:

Being responsible for your actions as well as learning to admit to your mistakes and apologizing for it are ways you can contribute to building integrity in the workplace. Own up to errors or issues that were caused by your actions instead of blaming others. Not only does this make it easier, to be honest, but, it will also make others perceive you as trustworthy. Accountability will help you be more successful at work and build integrity.

Listen and Respect Others:

Effective communication skills are not only the most important transferable skill to have but, it is also necessary when building integrity in the workplace. Respect builds integrity and trust. When that trust is built, communication is more effective. You speak more clearly and listen openly without judgment, which is beneficial when working with others. Respect is also communicated when you show empathy, are open-minded and friendly. When speaking with others, speak clearly, listen with respect, give your full attention and be confident.

At Spring Hills Senior Communities, we understand that building integrity and trust in the workplace is important for a successful business. We request that all of our employees follow our C.A.R.E Standards that incorporate keeping a positive attitude, communicating well, acting respectfully, and being dedicated to caring with integrity. Our Vice President of Home Care Operations, Andre Gomez, explains, “We ensure that all of our associates uphold the C.A.R.E. Standard by not only building but maintaining trust and integrity in the workplace. We encourage candidates of all backgrounds to apply and work with us.” For more information about our company culture, contact us.

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