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The Truth About Home Care for Elderly in their Own Homes

July 12, 2017 | Blog

Many families put off looking into private home care services for their senior loved one simply because of the misconceptions they may have heard. Whether they don’t believe their loved one is eligible or they don’t believe home health care is the best option, it is important to understand what home care has to offer and how it may benefit not only their loved ones but also themselves. Spring Hills understands the frustration that comes with finding appropriate care for your loved one, which is why we’re happy to discuss the truth behind the many misconceptions that come with home care for elderly in their own homes.

  1. Home care is only appropriate for the very sick.
    Many assume that only the terminally ill are eligible for home care services. On the contrary, non-medical home care is quite common! Designed to help seniors continue leading an independent life, private home care is available to those who may simply need assistance with activities of daily living such as cleaning, meal preparation, or transportation. In fact, some receive home care purely for companionship!
  2. Caregivers can’t be trusted.
    Many fear the potential of caregiver abuse or theft. However, caregivers working for reputable home care providers, such as within the Spring Hills Community, are required to undergo background checks and take competency tests before providing any service. These caregivers are trained professionals, hired for their reliability and trustworthiness!
  3. If the senior’s family is available to help, a caregiver isn’t needed.
    Sometimes, friends and family feel overwhelmed about being caregivers for their loved ones. In many cases, home care is designed to complement the care that the family is giving! Respite services are available so a trained professional can step in if a family caregiver is unavailable or unable to provide care at a certain time.
  4. Home care recipients have no sense of independence.
    Private home care for seniors actually promotes independence! Though caregivers assist with tasks that may be difficult for their client to perform on their own, seniors receiving home care have the opportunity to continue living at home and enjoying the activities that they’ve always loved. Clients can still be “out and about” – they are just getting a little help where they need it!
  5. The senior has no say in who their caregiver is.
    At Spring Hills, clients always have the final say in who their caregiver is! Worst case scenario, it may take a few tries to match you with your ideal caregiver, but you can ask for a different care provider if the caregiver isn’t meeting your needs, or even if you just aren’t comfortable with the individual. We aim to pair clients with a caregiver who is suited to their needs and lifestyle – someone who speaks the same language and has similar interests, for example. You may even use our handy list of interview questions to ask caregivers to help you make the most appropriate fit.

Dedicated Home Care Services from a Qualified Home Health Agency

When considering senior care options for your loved one, it is important to weigh all options and have access to accurate information. Working with skilled providers of home care services, Spring Hills is capable of partnering your loved one with a senior caregiver suited to their needs. Enjoy the benefits of home care for seniors in their own home by learning more with Spring Hills!

When you are thinking of home care, you need to have accurate information. Learn more about our home care services or contact us to speak with a member of our team.

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