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The Season of Giving: The Importance of Giving Back

November 24, 2020 | Blog, Videos

Thank you for participating – as a result of the $2,055. worth of toys raised company wide and the Donate A Toy match- $4,110. worth of toys were shipped to the Marines Toys for Tots. Congratulations to our top 3 performers, Cherry Hill, Livingston and Mount Vernon. Thank you to all of our communities for taking the time to donate and give back even in such a difficult year.

1st Place: Cherry Hill, $590
2nd Place: Livingston, $445
3rd Place: Mount Vernon, $325

Below is a breakdown of orders and dollar amount by location.

Spring Hills Mount Vernon, $325
Spring Hills Morristown,$115
Spring Hills Somerset, $10
Spring Hills Cherry Hill- 1,$590
Spring Hills Park Ridge, $55
Spring Hills Matawan, $5
Poets Walk Round Rock, $120
Poets Walk Sarasota, $30
Poets Walk Henderson, $5
PAC Livingston, $445
PAC Matawan, $110
PAC Park Ridge, $15
PAC Princeton, $175
PAC Wayne, $55

Thanksgiving is the time of year to reflect on what you are thankful for, but it is also a key time to focus on giving back to your family, friends and community. When you do good, you feel good. People of all ages enjoy the feeling of being a contributing member of society, a team or charity. This propels us to participate in activities that make a difference and support our local communities in which we serve. Not only does it feel good to know that you’re doing a good deed, but it also benefits a person’s overall health. This year has thrown a wrench in most plans with the onset of COVID-19, however charities are  working within social distancing guidelines to still serve their communities.

Promotes Physical Activity

According to a study referenced by ScienceDaily, volunteering your time is linked to health benefits like an increase in physical activity. It is important to sustain physical activity, but can be even more vital as we get older. As we age, the decrease in strength and stamina arises and is somewhat tied to a decrease in physical activities. With this in mind, any type of activity can be beneficial to the health of older adults. Although this year is looking a little different being socially distanced, charities have gotten creative in hosting online events and activities that promote physical activity in a safe way.  For example, The Alzheimer’s Association hosted its first ever virtual walk to end Alzheimer’s – from walking trails or even just taking steps in place at your home, participants are still walking for a cause and remain connected virtually.

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Helps Prevent Isolation & Depression

For some, the holiday season is full of joy and happiness spent with family and friends. Others may experience symptoms of holiday stress and depression from: unrealistic expectations, financial pressures, and excessive commitments. Loneliness and depression are some of the most common issues that senior citizens face, especially when transitioning to different healthcare environments. This is even more prevalent with the current COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions for social distancing and quarantining. Participating in volunteer programs that encourage teamwork among many different groups of people is a great way for older adults to interact with those around them, even when interactions are done virtually. By volunteering your time this holiday season, it can help you stay engaged and mentally active. Participating in virtual group activities helps to provide seniors a sense of purpose and accomplishment. Many charities have switched efforts to online, such as Toys For Tots which allows individuals to purchase toys online instead of bringing them in person. Enabling less fortunate children to still receive a gift on Christmas.

Giving Back in Unprecedented Times

At Spring Hills, we understand the benefits of giving back and how it a simple good deed can turn into a healthy activity that can be enjoyed year-round. The COVID-19 pandemic and the unknowns associated with it have taught us that, “our residents are incredibly adaptable. The first in our lifetime experience, that dramatically changed the day to day life in the centers showed us just how flexible, understanding and supportive of the team’s efforts they truly are.” This adaptability has proven to extend beyond our residents and associates, but to their families too. With an unwavering support system through trying times and hope for the future, our communities are giving back, partaking in the Toys for Tots virtual toy drive to benefit the lives of those in need.

No matter where you are in life, the benefits of giving back can help turn a simple good deed into a healthy activity that can be enjoyed year-round. Senior citizens, especially, can use it as a way to further their own personal development at a point in their lives where they didn’t even know they still could. So, this holiday season, remember to give some of your blessings back. It is not only good for those in need, but it is good for you, too. If you are interested in understanding more about what each of our locations currently offer in terms of programming, you can learn more here.


At Spring Hills Senior Communities, we are proud to continue to serve you through the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic. To learn more, contact your local community.

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