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The Road To Recovery

July 21, 2021 | Blog

Sometimes the road to recovery can be long but it’s great to be able to share stories such as James Byrne, a patient at Spring Hills Hamilton. 

“The second wave of Covid-19 had hit him hard which landed him in the hospital with Respiratory Failure in the first week of January. James could not breathe, at one point, there was a “DNR” order which showed the severity of his condition. He was in two hospitals for 3 months before he could be stable enough to be released for physical rehabilitation.” – Raymond Rivera Director Of Rehabilitation at PAC Hamilton 

James needed total assistance. “I don’t even have the strength to hold the remote control!” he said. He could not even assume the sitting position without his oxygen dropping to dangerous levels. Though he was very eager to participate in his rehabilitation the most simple movements took his breath away.

Day after day, week after week, James continued in high spirits and motivation towards his recovery. He was willing to try new interventions as suggested and applied by his Physical and Occupational Therapists. It was a very delicate pathway to recovery which required a seamless team approach to get James back on track. The Nurse Practitioner, Dietitian and Speech pathologists were all monitoring his labs as well as his outcome measures on top of daily Nursing care. His first step without the fear of falling was using the center’s Lite Gait suspension machine that helped him gain so much confidence and allowed transition to walking with a walker. Five feet may sound like a very short distance but for him it became the foundation of his “power steps” that made it possible for him to walk without the help of a caregiver. 

Finally it was time for James to return home. His home, family, and friends were waiting for him. They organized a big WELCOME BACK CELEBRATION outside of the Spring Hills Post Acute Care Hamilton center complete with balloons, banners, and an atmosphere of celebration! His bike club called the ‘Jersey Boys’ came to help celebrate him and escort him home! It was a testament of James’s importance to his community. “It was an honor for our center to help him continue his legacy.” – Raymond Rivera Director Of Rehabilitation at PAC Hamilton

A great success story is something that patients and caregivers should be proud of. At Spring Hills we have been faced with caring for people that have had many successes. Our Post Acute Care multidisciplinary care teams work with the patient, family and the patient’s own physicians to ensure that transitions are safe and that the recovery and rehabilitation plan is fully understood and followed, always according to the patient’s clinical needs and goals. We are happy to share stories like Jame’s to show our appreciation for our associates and encourage our patients to achieve success and Live Happy. Learn more about our Post Acute Care program here.

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