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The Importance of Technology in Senior Living  

January 20, 2021 | Blog

Technology has played a significant role in the progress of assisted living in recent years. With new opportunities emerging thanks to technology, administrators can provide services unavailable in individuals’ homes while improving resident comfort and freedom of choice. 

It’s important to embrace the positive impacts it can have on communities. In fact,85% of baby boomersuse the internet, and nearly two-thirds of people 74-91 are online. There are many benefits to adding technology in senior living facilities. When best utilized, technology improves quality of life for seniors and increases satisfaction for residents, families and associates.  

Why Is Technology Important? 

For senior living communities, transparent and frequent communication between staff, residents, and their families has always been valuable. This value skyrocketed, however, with the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, as many senior living facilities were forced to close their doors. When face to face contact between residents and family members was no longer a possibility, all lines of communication became their lifeline. 

The unique restrictions of the pandemic created almost-daily changes in compliance measures and limited worker numbers due to health measures and/or mandated quarantines. Coupled with continued surges of the virus, these changes have threatened to overload an already burdened population.  Technology keeps everyone informed and engaged With various options available, we can keep everyone connected. 

 The Benefits of Engaging Technology 

 From general communication platforms to PointClickCare’s Point of Care (POC) technology that gives nurses and caregivers the ability to easily document and track assigned tasks, to Electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR) systems allowing more efficient documentation of medication administration, technology has worked to improve the senior living landscape.  

For all parties involved in caring for loved ones, the more engaging and efficient the technology is, the happier residents, families and associates are. In today’s world of instant and accessible knowledge, the more communication the better. Checking in on a loved ones eating schedule, activity schedule and even just a picture of them smiling are all a means of maintaining piece of mind when being physically present with a loved one is not possible.  

Staying Innovative 

At Spring Hills, we believe a Strong Support System is the Key to Happiness We believe the key to your loved ones’ happiness is having the best experience and thriving with compassionate care, attention to detail and continuous communication between our team and their family and friends.  

Caring with a Commitment to Quality is at the core of every healthcare decision we make.  Our goal is to increase the amount of support we give our residents through transparent communication, keeping families up to date with their loved ones’ progress and any policy or guideline changes.  In order to meet this goal, we proudly offer LifeLoop, a communication tool which is specialized in keeping everyone in the loop allowing everyone at Spring Hills to exceed your expectations when caring for your loved ones.  

LifeLoop at Spring Hills 

LifeLoop Announcements keep families and associates updated through email and text notifications. However, this is just scratching the surface of the platforms many capabilities. “There are so many ways to utilize LifeLoop to increase communication. From newsletters to digital signage and an incredibly detailed activities calendar, we are so excited to showcase all of its capabilities to our residents, associates and families”, says Rachel Helfand, Executive Assistant of Program Development at Spring Hills.  

We look forward to keeping you connected with your loved ones this year to ensure we can all Live Happy.  

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