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The Essential Moving to Assisted Living Checklist

November 29, 2016 | Blog

Assisted Living ChecklistThroughout our years of experience in senior assisted living, we’ve come to find that moving to either a nearby or distant assisted living facility is very different than simply moving to a new home. Dedicated to the health, happiness, and comfort of your family, Spring Hills striveimgs to make the transition as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

Utilize this comprehensive checklist to ensure a smooth relocation for your loved one. It encompasses everything you’ll need to do and remember as move-in day approaches, helping to eliminate any chaos, confusion, or stress.

Two Months Prior to Moving

  • As you go on assisted living facility tours, make notes about facility features and room arrangements. Compile a list of any additional furniture your loved one may need, any special personal items that may fit into their suite, or any dietary requirements that you may need to discuss with our Signature Dining
  • Get estimates for your move, whether you need to contact local moving companies or truck rental companies. Once you compare prices, choose the company you want to work with.
  • Create a file to safely store all relevant moving paperwork such as estimates, receipts, and forms. This way, you can easily access the information you want when you need it.

One Month Prior

  • Make arrangements with your chosen moving or truck rental company, as well as with a storage facility if need be.
  • Take care of all address changes with the post office and arrange for mail to be sent to the chosen assisted living community
  • Finalize all medical requirements by obtaining medical records and referrals if your loved one needs to switch doctors. Additionally, review what the facility offers in terms of medical support and if needed, memory care. This will ensure that the health of your loved one isn’t jeopardized at any part of the move.
  • Contact all utility providers to schedule both disconnection at the former residence and connection services at assisted living, if required.
  • Purchase any needed packing materials such as boxes, bubble wrap, and packing tape.
  • Clean out closets and drawers, getting rid of items chosen for downsizing and beginning to pack possessions that don’t need to be readily accessible, such as seasonal clothing, books, etc.
  • Set up a moving sale to get rid of some items.
  • Make sure all important documents and records for your loved one are gathered and stored safely.

Two Weeks Prior

  • Contact all creditors and subscription services to notify them of the move.
  • Take care of prescriptions and set up with a new, nearby pharmacy if necessary.
  • Cancel any newspaper deliveries.
  • Finish packing clothing, cookware, home care, and other items, only leaving out necessary items for daily use.
  • Settle bills and return any library books.
  • Confirm arrangements with movers.

Assisted Living Checklist for Move-in Day

  • Pack last minute items, such as like plants and toiletries. If your loved one’s furry friend is joining them through our unique PAW Program, be sure to pack their food and pet supplies!
  • If you are using a moving company, make sure someone is home when they arrive to ensure that everything is packed properly.
  • Keep all paperwork in a safe place and record utility meter readings so that you have everything needed for final payments.
  • Confirm arrival time of possessions.

With this moving to assisted living checklist, you can ensure that your family experiences a comfortable transition when relocating your loved one to their new home.

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