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The Benefits of Innovative Technology in Healthcare

May 7, 2019 | Blog

Healthcare providers should stay up to date with new technology that supports the care and services they are offering. The right technology has many benefits for patients and families. It can have a transformative effect, enhancing the overall healthcare experience and can even improve someone’s quality of life. Through real-time notifications, providers are able to help prevent the potential for re-hospitalization.

Here are 5 reasons why incorporating innovative technology benefits patients and families:

  1. More Accurate Records – eMAR (Electronic Medication Administration Record system) makes the documentation of prescription medications more accurate and efficient, while EHR (Electronic Health Records) deliver added value to care and services by enabling efficient sharing of information with doctors and other partners, ensuring HIPPA compliance.
  2. Safer Environments – Alert devices are available to wear or be installed in areas where falls often occur like the bathrooms or bedrooms. This great for people who live alone or are concerned about health issues that could cause falls. Being able to alert staff or emergency services offer peace of mind.
  3. Reduction in Hospitalization – Through real-time notifications, providers are able to help prevent the potential for re-hospitalization. With certain monitoring or trending systems, caregivers can be alerted of any changes in habit. This can prompt new conversations about how someone is feeling to be able to provide valuable, proactive care.
  4. Increased Quality Care – Systems like PointClickCare gives nurses and caregivers the ability to document and track assigned tasks and access healthcare information quickly. This allows for more hands-on, quality time engaging with residents.
  5. Better Communication – Some technologies focus on communicating and engaging with families. SMILE™ is one such program where staff can electronically track resident activity participation and share this information with families. It turns traditional communication into dynamic experiences that may lead to improved quality of life for each resident, greater resident and family satisfaction, and staff engagement.



Technology plays a huge role in healthcare services that provide enhanced communication and help prevent hospitalization. Innovative programs can enhance monitoring of residents’ health and activity, streamline collaboration with doctors and other professionals, improve communication with families, and afford staff more time and ability to engage directly with residents.

At Spring Hills Senior Communities, our mission is to optimize the lives of our seniors and deliver peace of mind to their loved ones. We proactively implement the most efficient ways to deliver quality care to be the premiere healthcare provider in the communities we serve.

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