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The Benefits of a Career in Caring for the Mind, Body and Soul

May 20, 2020 | Blog, Videos

Now more than ever, healthcare workers of all varieties are getting in touch with the very core of why they wanted to pursue a career in caring for others. In senior living especially, when working with the population most in need of assistance, it is important to discuss the benefits that caring for others can have on your mind, body and soul. Whether you are working in assisted living, memory care, or post-acute care, the benefits are the same across the healthcare continuum. Here are some of the ways that a career in caring for others can help your personal development.

The Rewards for the Mind are Invaluable

There is something so fundamentally beneficial when you are able to help someone in need. What better opportunity to experience that on a daily basis than by making a career out of it? Experts agree unanimously that, “Perhaps the most commonly talked about benefit of a career in care is how fulfilling it is. Every day, you’re helping someone in need and making their lives that little bit easier. And knowing that you make a difference to their day provides a real sense of achievement that’s difficult to experience in any other role.” There is no competition for the sense of accomplishment you feel knowing and witnessing firsthand that you made a real difference in someone’s life with the work that you did.

A Truly Stimulating Work Environment

When it comes to the benefits that a career in caring has for the body, you can find those benefits in the stimulating work environment you will be entering. While office jobs are valuable and important, the biggest differentiator in most office environments is whether you will have a sitting desk or a standing desk. Healthcare, and more specifically senior living, is an entirely different playing field. Careers in Government agrees with that sentiment by saying, “Unfortunately, most work environments are often boring and uneventful…. However, as a healthcare professional, you get to have a fast-paced workday with a constantly changing atmosphere. This type of work environment leaves professionals feeling a sense of fulfillment.” 


Connections That Go Deeper than Most Other Careers

We have heard it time and time again throughout our over two decades in the senior living space that the connections our staff form with the people they care for is unlike anything they’ve ever experienced. The people in their care become pseudo-grandparents to them. According to Reed, “You’ll be building real relationships with clients, not to mention their family and friends. And that personal connection is what makes care work so unique.” The benefits a career in caring has for the soul are most present in these connections you will get to make on a daily basis.

At Spring Hills Senior Communities, we are proud to offer a truly rewarding and innovative company culture to our associates. To learn more and view current openings in our company, click here.  

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