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Technology Helps to Improve Senior Care at Spring Hills Cherry Hill and Mt. Vernon Assisted Living Communities

May 11, 2018 | Blog

Innovative technology is working to provide seniors with the early detection of debilitating infections and diseases as well as high quality of care. The Signature Trends program at Spring Hills Cherry Hill and Mt. Vernon Assisted Livings has raised the bar of care for senior living communities and has brightened the experience of residents and their loved ones.  This multifaceted program includes a customizable safety trending system that provides data on a patient’s habits which alerts team members to potential health problems; electronic health records, a streamlined medical record system allowing professionals to communicate efficiently and quickly; and a private platform that shares photos and information about the residents to their loved ones as well as information about Spring Hills Mt. Vernon events.

“There is so much happening in technology these days. Staying a front-runner with these advances is paramount with the care and health of our residents,” said Lesa Scott, Vice President Resident Services & Program Development for Spring Hills Senior Communities and Poet’s Walk, Spring Hills Memory Care Communities “All of this technology gives us a greater ability to monitor our residents and intervene when necessary, avoiding sickness and admission to the hospital whenever possible. It also keeps their loved ones informed right away of everything the resident is doing and enjoying at Spring Hills.”

Using trending technology, residents can be monitored throughout their apartment, without the use of cameras or microphones, to provide critical information to the healthcare team. Some of the ways residents are tracked include getting in and out of bed, their bathroom activity, and waking and falling asleep. For example, if a resident is making increased trips to the bathroom, team members can intervene by proposing a new diet or initializing further testing where appropriate. This is done all while keeping the resident’s family informed which helps residents lead an independent and fulfilling life.

Electronic Health Records create an online record for residents, which can be viewed by the healthcare team in real-time. The team is spending less time dealing with documentation and auditing, and spending more time ensuring the best care and support of residents.

“The greatest part of using Electronic Health Records is its time-saving element,” Scott said. “Having easy access to medical records allows us to quickly identify concerns with resident’s health before they worsen. And thanks to the trending technology we utilize, we’ve seen a decrease in common infections, like urinary tract infections, because we can detect them as soon as possible.”

Technology is also utilized to facilitate communication between the healthcare team and family members. This family engagement program is an online, password protected platform that provides families unprecedented access to their loved one’s daily experiences 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Now the team can electronically share with families the activities their loved ones are participating in as well as keep families informed of upcoming events through two-way messaging, access to community recreation calendars, newsletter and menus. Family members can upload photos and biographical information to be viewed by team members. This allows the team to get to know residents better and residents to grow more comfortable. This family engagement program transforms traditional communication methods into dynamic, real time experiences that may lead to greater resident and family satisfaction, staff engagement and improved quality of life for each resident.

About Spring Hills Senior Communities & Memory Care Communities:

All Spring Hills Senior Communities and Poet’s Walk Memory Care Communities offer a distinctive and innovative approach to assisted living, memory care and Home Care Services as led by Alexander Markowits, President/CEO. Signature Touches is the company’s approach to offering services that are designed to meet the needs and preferences of residents and clients. Personal choice is top priority, which is exemplified by recreational programs led by professionals in one of the company’s Spring Hills communities located in NJ, VA, OH and FL, in the company’s Poet’s Walks communities located in TX, NV, VA, FL and soon-to-be MD, or in their own home. For more information about their commitment to senior living, including information on Spring Hills Home Care Services, visit

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