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Technology Benefits All

September 8, 2021 | Blog

It’s important to embrace the positive impacts technology can have on healthcare and social outcomes. Since the pandemic, baby boomers have been more open to the use of technology. Relying on technology more has given baby boomers more confidence using technology. According to GWI, “As of Q1 2021, our GWI USA dataset shows that 36% of baby boomers say they feel confident in using new technology – a 10% increase on Q2 last year.” In fact statistics in 2019 show  85% of baby boomers use the internet, and nearly two-thirds of people 74-91 are online, the pandemic has only increased this. There are also many benefits to adding technology in senior living facilities. When best utilized, technology improves quality of life for seniors and increases satisfaction for patients, residents, families and associates.

Why is technology important?

For healthcare settings and senior living communities, transparent and frequent communication between staff, residents, and their families has always been valuable. This value skyrocketed, however, with the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, as many senior living facilities were forced to close their doors. When face to face contact between residents and family members was no longer a possibility, all lines of communication became their lifeline. Technology keeps everyone informed and engaged with various options available, we can keep everyone connected. Medical technologies also allow healthcare workers to further their studies but not have to be in person, and advanced technologies allow patients to have continuous care without having to constantly go to the hospital, especially during a global pandemic.

Remote trending healthcare technologies 2021

1. Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

Internet of Medical Things devices are at high value in administering healthcare. They can bring healthcare to remote areas that cannot afford to have full-time hospitals. For patients with low mobility this technology allows consultants into peoples’ homes, and portable devices can run almost any regular test and share the results remotely to the doctor.

2. Remote Patient Monitoring and Wearables

Doctors can do better by monitoring patients outside a hospital or clinic, effectively extending the healthcare system’s reach. This technology can have a long-term impact on healthcare services, treating and monitoring diseases such as diabetes, and heart disease. A wearable device can alert a doctor of a possible cardiac arrest. Doctors who are monitoring can also suggest lifestyle changes by the continuous data they receive by patients.

3. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

Virtual Reality plays a vital part in healthcare technologies. One example would be VR technology being used as practice for surgeons. This Virtual Reality allows the surgeons to practice their medical skills without having to be physically in the hospital. VR technology has proven it is gaining momentum in the healthcare tech industry and is helpful for training healthcare workers.

Signature Trends

At Spring Hills, our holistic approach is backed by our Signature Touch philosophy to nurture the mind, body, and spirit to enhance the lives of those we care for. We understand how beneficial technology is to further enhance that experience. In a world where healthcare is constantly changing, we are leading the way with the most innovative technology systems we call Signature Trends.

Signature Trends fulfills the expectations of those we care for and their families. We have the right tools to share valuable data and special moments in an effective, collaborative way which increases family engagement and satisfaction. Signature Trends strengthens our dedication to Caring with a Commitment to Quality.

Innovative Technology Becomes the “Voice” of Our Residents

In our Spring Cottage Memory Care Environments, we empower our residents with Alzheimer’s and Dementia to live with dignity. We took a proactive, supportive to care by investing in a discreet and passive remote monitoring technology powered by GreatCall. This advanced system:

  • Establishes a baseline of normal, daily, activity patterns.
  • Identifies changes in behavior that may indicate a change in health.
  • Provides precise data.
  • Can help reduce emergency room & hospital visits
  • Provides peace of mind.

The data collected with this system becomes the “voice” of our resident with memory loss, who otherwise may not be able to communicate subtle changes they may be experiencing. Like the saying “Wallflowers are only shy until they are asked to dance”, our residents with memory loss can be engaged if we have more tools to prompt the right conversation. By reviewing the data daily, our Nurses and Care Partners can intervene when they see changes and can prevent situations from getting serious. We provide these proactive and preventive measures to give resident’s family and friends peace of mind.

State-of-the-Art Point of Care System

We continue to lead the way in healthcare by recognizing and implementing state-of-the-art technology to deliver better care to our residents. By investing in advanced technology like PointClickCare we invest in the future of our residents with real-time care that produces real-time results.

Benefits of PointClickCare:

  • Streamlined, paperless, clinical documentation.
  • Electronic Medication Administration Record).
  • Resident quality improvement.
  • Seamless and HIPPA compliant transition of records to other healthcare providers as needed.
  • Reduction in discharges, for things like UTIs and upper respiratory infections.
  • Decreased hospitalization length of stay by 20 days.

With greater insight, we get to know our residents on a deeper level. Our organization is committed to providing better quality of care by spending more, individualized time with our residents, ensuring the best care and support that each of them deserves.

Family Engagement – Stay Connected!

As part of our holistic approach to family engagement and communication, LifeLoop announcements keep families and associates updated through email and text notifications. From newsletters to digital signage and an incredibly detailed activities calendar, our proactive updates assist with our person-centered care through transparent communication about life being lived at Spring Hills.

Optimizing Patient through CareCloud Technologies

Spring Hills has implemented CareCloud’s software-enabled solutions, like its Electronic Health Records and practice management software which is a remote patient monitoring system in order to optimize patient care. Also CareCloud’s revenue cycle management services which includes medical coding and credentialing. Learn more about Spring Hills implementation of CareCloud services.

AI Technology and Machine Learning

Spring Hills is in the process of introducing natural language processing technology (NLP) to automatically extract structured and unstructured text (for example doctor’s notes) from medical records, organized the information in easily searchable text and then apply Artificial Intelligence (machine learning algorithms) to predict negative events, outcomes and individual patients risks and needs. Technologies at this caliber can transform things like patient care, administrative processes and more. Some ways in which machine learning impacts healthcare is in Record Keeping Machine learning in health informatics can streamline recordkeeping, including electronic health records. Data Integrity is important for machine learning algorithms and collecting accurate data, and Predictive Analysis which is the prediction of health outcomes which leads to more accurate diagnosis, treatment and improving physician insights.

Non-invasive Hemodynamic Monitoring Technology

Non-invasive Hemodynamic measurement devices are used to measure the physiological status and fluid status of patients with cardiovascular disease, particularly those with heart failure. This technology can measure vitals such as, cardiac output, respiration rate, stroke volume, total peripheral resistance, and more. Hemodynamic Monitoring Technology benefits include more precision medication management of patients with heart failure based on their physiology and fluid status.

HydroWorx Rehabilitation Pool

HydroWorx are underwater treadmills with resistance therapy jets that allow movement that might not be possible outside of the water. HydroWorx is helping to achieve our patients’ rehabilitation goals from their injuries or illnesses. Patients journey with HydroWorx aquatic therapy have improved flexibility, balance, range of motion, cardiovascular stamina, and their recovery time.

Signature Trends incorporates all of our proactive health wellness systems. This advance technology helps us to:

  • Better communicate with the entire family on areas of social engagement.
  • Provide point of service care.
  • Identify emerging health conditions.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of interventions
  • Assist with preventing re-hospitalizations.

By consistently focusing on, understanding and investing in the latest technologies, it enhances our ability to provide the highest quality, compassionate care and engagement, while encouraging independence and celebrating the unique abilities of our patients and residents.

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