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March 21, 2021 | Blog, COVID-19

In March 2020, the world as we knew it, changed due to COVID-19 and re-shaped our future. As we mark the passage of the pandemic year, we want to remember those we have lost by offering our sincerest condolences to those of you who have lost friends and loved ones to COVID-19. We stand with you in honoring and celebrating the memory of their life.

Spring Hills continues to learn and grow stronger from our experience with COVID-19, and we will remain vigilant to its threat. As always, the health and safety of our residents and associates is our top priority, and to this end we will continue to meet and exceed guidelines provided by local, state and federal authorities.


COVID-19 Update for Assisted Living in the U.S.

New data about COVID-19 in nursing homes in America has given everyone a little hope on the future of healthcare. The number of COVID-19 cases and deaths has dropped 89% from December to the second week of February. At Spring Hills we are proud that as of March 12th nearly 90% of our residents have been vaccinated and of the 1,117 residents, none had presented any symptoms or have tested COVID-19 positive. As of February only 78% of residents in nursing homes in America had been vaccinated and only 37% of staff working in nursing homes had received their COVID-19 vaccine. 

Spring Hills vaccines have been sponsored by CVS Pharmacy but we are excited to provide the COVID-19 vaccinations through our community pharmacy partners Speciality RX, and Partners. With this implemented, we will have the opportunity to vaccinate even more residents and associates contributing to the opening of our doors even more. As always the health and safety of our residents and associates remains our top priority. We acted decisively upon the impact of COVID-19 to maintain the strictest possible procedures and will continue to do so to protect those we serve, always exceeding guidelines recommended by federal, state and local public health authorities.  


 Spring Hills Initiatives  

Our goals to open up:

  • Families can come visit again, residents haven’t seen their families in over a year. No more zoom or facetime. 
  • Residents can socialize in a safer environment.
  • Bring back tours- families and potential residents can come tour the buildings. 
  • Bringing back a somewhat normal routine for our residents.

As COVID-19 is still a big problem in the world, at Spring Hills we are doing everything we can to continue living by our mission ‘Caring with a Commitment to Quality’. With this, we have exciting plans and programs we want to implement to create an even more upgraded living environment for our residents. Opening stores inside the walls of our communities can help the residents feel safe doing their everyday activities like, going to the hair salon, or going to doctor visits. We want Spring Hills to be a one stop health care service for our residents and limit the amount of footwork outside the communities which would then help limit the spread of the pandemic. We are opening a bigger and better Spring Hills for our residents, associates, and families.  


Malnutrition program

Malnutrition has been a huge problem during this period of COVID-19. Our residents’ immune systems have been compromised and over 500 residents were affected by the pandemic. Because of this Spring Hills is in the beginning process of creating a malnutrition program to capture some of the effects that were caused by COVID-19. More information to come.

Physical Therapy 

COVID-19 has restricted our residents in their rooms, or from very little physical activity. We recognize physical activity is a very important aspect of healthy living and since the pandemic people around the world have had a huge lack of movement. Another program that is in the beginning stages is our physical therapy program. Spring Hills will like to partner with physical therapy companies to help mend the physical effects of COVID-19, and for the residents who have lost mobility, flexibility and get them moving again.


Spring Hills Has Hope 

As business and healthcare organizations reopen continuing to wear a mask and social distance will help keep us open. Data shows that vaccinating against COVID-19, when eligible, is safe and effective. Spring Hills will continue to do our part in keeping our residents and associates safe and comfortable in our communities while also allowing for a positive mindset in a climate where things look daunting. 

In keeping a positive mindset, in February,  All Spring Hills and Poet’s Walk communities, participated in the Enrichment through Literature program, where the residents read the book Human Kind, Changing the World One Small Act at a Time, a collection of essays about true and transformative accounts of kindness, by Brad Aronson. Each month throughout the year, the residents will be encouraged to create their own acts of Human Kindness. They will work with school groups, community groups and more to provide community outreach, opportunities for service, and positive engagement to combat the risk of isolation during the pandemic.

It is our goal to continue to focus on the mind, body and spirit of our residents through Signature Touch programs. We will continue to integrate technology, for family and social engagement. As the phases allow, we will bring back small group activities because we know these Signature Touch programs allow our residents to Live Happy. Help us open our community by doing the right things, wear a mask, socially distance and consider getting vaccinated if you are eligible.

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