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Showing Initiative Leads To Success

January 16, 2019 | Blog

Being at a job that you dislike can be devastating and decrease an employee’s motivation. A happy employee is a good employee, so it is in a company’s best interest to do everything in their power to keep them engaged and intrigued. Studies have shown that a relationship between the employee and his or her manager can greatly influence the employees engagement and motivation. However, it is not only the manager’s job to keep employee’s motivated, ultimately it is up to the employee. According to another study, “Only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged at work,” which presents the question, how do you keep yourself motivated at work? Here are some successful ways to initiate engagement and motivation at work.

Create and execute more short-term goals

This might sound familiar, but is important when completing tasks at work. Large projects can be intimidating, especially when you’re unsure where to begin. Instead, create smaller and shorter goals that will add up to completing a large project. This can bring the feeling of success and may give you the drive you needed to stay engaged at work.

Find work that interests you.

It is important to feel engaged and motivated at your job. It should not only make you feel good emotionally, but should also inspire you to do more. You may not notice it, but your performance will lack passion due to the absence of motivation. Consider speaking with your manager about new projects or roles that will keep you interested and engaged while at work.

Learn a new skill

No matter where you’re at in your career, it is always good to learn new skills. Learning a new skill can increase your interests and keep your mind sharp. Some tasks can become stale which can lead to a job being boring. However, learning new skills can prevent that from happening. Finding a new skill that applies to your current role that interests you can be a talking point between you and your manager. It might even get approved if it benefits the company! Everyone will benefit from the added value of your new skill.

Remember what gives your purpose

A general sense of purpose is arguably the most important thing to employees. You have to love what you do to feel a sense of purpose in your work. Having a job that you enjoy going to every single day will allow you to begin feeling a tremendous sense of fulfillment and motivate you to do more. If you can train your brain to naturally enjoy a sense of purpose in your workplace, you will be much happier going in every day.

Get feedback from your boss

It can be very easy to get caught up in all of the work you do and not request feedback on your previous projects. Constructive criticism and accommodating information is very helpful when determining if you’re doing a good job at work. To feel valued and appreciated at work gives employees a reason to work harder. Asking for feedback can increase motivation and encourage employees to perform better and improve over time.


These are only a few of the many ways to initiate engagement and motivation at work. When choosing your career path, it is important to consider all aspects. At Spring Hills Senior Communities, we are honored to provide a growing number of opportunities for individuals to begin and advance their careers.

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