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Sensory Stimulation Activities for Seniors with Dementia

August 4, 2017 | Blog

For many seniors suffering from dementia, expressing themselves or remaining in touch with the world around them can be very difficult and frustrating. Sensory stimulation activities for seniors can be beneficial for those suffering from dementia and is just one of many components of the Signature Touches offered by Spring Hills. Our extensive experience providing memory care to elderly adults and our holistic approach to senior care are some of the reasons people look to Spring Hills to look after their loved ones.

The Benefits of Sensory Stimulation Therapy

Activities for Dementia PatientsSensory stimulation activities use common, everyday objects to stimulate one or more of the five senses, the goal being to stir up positive feelings and to encourage the senior to respond. For example, a Spring Hills caregiver might give the senior a piece of toast to touch, smell, and taste, and then in a reassuring and encouraging way, engage the senior in conversation about what the senior is experiencing.

The object may remind the senior about something that happened or used to happen prior to the onset of dementia, triggering memories and emotions. The senior may also use the object to try to connect to past events. In this example, the senior might take in the scent of the bread and remember going to the bakery and how wonderful it smelled. Perhaps when they bite the toast and chew, they will be able to distinguish the taste of a nutty grain and feel how it affects the texture. This cognitive activity is important for their mental processes, especially if they have been affected by dementia.

Positive Effects on Emotional Well-Being

By providing a link to memories and a means to communicate, sensory activities for older adults can elevate their mood, increase their self-esteem, and greatly enhance their well-being. Our caregivers have also seen our seniors experience reduced anxiety and depression, usually resulting in increased social interaction with others. This can do wonders for a dementia patient who is feeling overwhelmed, confused, or helpless.

Sensory Activities Available to Spring Hills Seniors

Spring Hills memory care specialists tailor programs to suit each senior. Memory loss activities for dementia patients may include:

Best of all, these sensory stimulation activities for seniors are for dementia patients in assisted living as well as for those receiving our home care services. All are welcome and encouraged to take part in any of the activities happening at their closest Spring Hills facility.

When it comes to memory care, Spring Hills’ approach is holistic and developed with the senior’s needs and preferences in mind. Contact us today to find out how Spring Hills can enhance the well-being of your loved one with dementia.

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