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Seeking: Everyday Heroes in Healthcare

October 6, 2021 | Blog

These past few years have been stressful and frightening for the world. In the gloom of COVID-19 we have had amazing will power, knowledge, and determination of healthcare works, our modern superheroes. If you have a passion for caring for others, working in the healthcare industry is a perfect fit. 

Qualities of a Health Care Hero:

  • Passionate about caring for others
  • Driven mindset to aid in the healing journey regardless of skillset or job title 
  •  Engaging to patients, clients, and residents 
  • Attention to detail 
  • Quality experience 
  • A caring disposition 
  • Compassion
  • Patience 
  • Strong initiative 
  • Respect for all
  • Team work 

Associate Appreciation 

It’s important to show associates appreciation for all the hard work they put in everyday. Highlighting their achievements and impressive acts you’ve seen is a great way to show your appreciation. Everyday we should be recognizing the sacrifices health care workers make to keep us, and our loved ones healthy, when you work at Spring Hills these qualities are not only recognized and appreciated but celebrated. 

Spring Hills 

In the world of COVID-19 we have been even more dedicated to providing the care solutions needed to Live Happy, and an even greater appreciation for nurses and healthcare workers.  

Every day, nurses work at the intersection of clinical care and human kindness. One minute is exhilarating, the next devastating, and many others mundane. In all of these moments, nurses inhabit the place where healthcare is meant to be. From the birthing room to school, camp to cruise, hospital to senior living, we all have benefited from a nurse’s care and will need it again.

Heightened appreciation for healthcare workers, especially nurses, was a positive outcome of COVID-19. At Spring Hills, RNs, LPNs and APNs — assisted by Home Health and Certified Nursing Aides — worked tirelessly, caring for patients, residents and their families while also supporting each other and associates across the company.–  Alex Markowits Founder & President/CEO at Spring Hills

At Spring Hills we are so lucky to have such amazing associates that are dedicated to the continuum of care. We ask our communities to nominate a peer of there’s that they believe goes above and beyond. We received this really wonderful message about Yolando Imuan from James Banogon Spring Hills Director of Rehabilitation: 

“Yolando “Lan” Imuan has worked at this facility as a Rehab and Restorative Aide for 9 years. In addition to his regular job duties as a restorative aide he has consistently demonstrated teamwork with other departments by helping to bathe, feed and weigh patients. Lan has also taken it upon himself to do minor repairs to wheelchairs, at a cost saving to the company. During the pandemic he has helped improve client morale by assisting some with their personal grooming. As Lan performs these extra duties he maintains his quiet confidence and demonstrates his ability to work with others.” 

We are very thankful for associates like Yolando. We look for well rounded and committed associates that are passionate about healthcare. 

We are so proud of our associates in all parts of our care solutions and are always looking for more to join the Spring Hills team. Want to become a healthcare hero? Take a look at what we offer, and open positions here

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