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Residents Thrive with Music Therapy

September 22, 2018 | Blog

Visitors to Spring Hills Assisted Living can often see residents singing, clapping and even dancing to the sounds of music reverberating through the halls. This is usually thanks to the Spring Hills Music Therapy program. Music therapy has been proven in the medical and science communities to immensely improve the holistic health of seniors and memory care residents. It is for this reason that Music Therapy is a major part of the company’s Signature Touches.

“When the music gets going everyone wants to be involved, whether they’re up and moving or contributing from their seat,” said Nicholas Richmond, Director of Recreational Services at Spring Hills Cherry Hill. “It’s important to look at research and learn about the effectiveness of music therapy, but to personally see the joy it brings to each resident’s face, then you truly understand it.”

The effects of music therapy can reduce stress and improve a senior’s memory. Hearing a song from the past can help bring back special experiences with family and friends, which is especially helpful for seniors with dementia. “Different songs will resonate with different people,” said Richmond. “At Spring Hills, we speak to family members to learn our residents’ favorite and most sentimental songs. We then create a personalized play list and load it onto their own iPod shuffle. This makes it quick and easy for any care giver to choose the correct play list when a resident needs it. Some Spring Cottage memory care residents even keep their iPod shuffles on all day.”

Music encourages socialization, as the residents at Spring Hills often bond over their favorite genre, like smooth jazz or country. And those who get up and dance are improving blood flow, stretching their muscles and improving coordination. It is also the perfect complement to other activities at Spring Hills. Fitness classes, like Tai Chi and yoga, are more interactive and exciting with a song to dance along to. It encourages residents who would otherwise be intimidated of joining in on a class or exercise program with which they are unfamiliar.

Yet, not everything about the music therapy program at Spring Hills takes place near the dance floor. Residents who struggle with falling asleep are often soothed with the sounds of classical music. Team members at Spring Hills will often leave relaxing music on, lowering resident’s blood pressure and decreasing anxiety. It is a simple, natural method to start a restful evening, before turning to harmful and habit-forming sleep medication.

At Spring Hills, Music Therapy is an everyday practice, but like anything, variety is necessary to keep people engaged. This is done through strategic planning. Music of all genres, eras and tempos is constantly being rotated to ensure everyone gets the chance to join in. Live bands and local musicians also often perform or lead sing-alongs with the residents. This is a time where everyone finds common ground, shares a laugh and even a dance.

“I love when the families of our residents visit during our music time,” said Zuleyma Montoya, Director of Recreational Services at Spring Hills Mt. Vernon. “Often they join in dancing with their loved one—and the team and I sometimes get in the mix as well. It’s truly an emotional experience watching from the corner, knowing that if only just for a minute, music heals all.”

About Spring Hills Senior Communities & Memory Care Communities:
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