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Remote Technology: For Your Mind, Body & Spirit!

May 21, 2019 | Blog

Technology has many benefits for your overall well-being. It can keep your mind active, help manage chronic diseases and lift your spirit! Simple technologies have even made it easier for families to stay connected to their loved ones, feel safer and increase independence.

Consider incorporating some type of remote system into your lifestyle for the following reasons:

Inspire Your Spirit

If you start with something basic, like Skyping, Face Time or using a hands free device like Echo Show, Facebook Portal or Nest Hub, you can start seeing family and friends virtually and in real time. With hands free devices you and your family can enjoy reading together, watching a moving together and experiencing life happening as if you were in the same room. Some assisted living communities even share photos and videos via a private family portal. According to Carextech, “SMILE is a web-based software platform for end-to-end communications management including activities documentation & analytics for enhanced family engagement.” Whether you are sharing life in real time, virtually or though social media platforms or private portals, use of technology can help increase engagement, lift your spirit and even connect generations.

Move Your Body & Keep it Safe

If you are nervous about falling, the first thing you should do is work on strengthening your legs. The number one reason for falling is lower extremity weakness. Watch and follow along with online videos that help improve your leg strength. Be sure to get your physician’s consent and work within your comfortable limits. Next, consider investing in an emergency call system. Some have devices that you wear around your neck, while others have watch like monitoring devices. You can even consider installing security cameras in your home to help your loved one feel safer moving around the home. Many actually interact with the technology listed above. Installing hand rails in the bathroom and throughout the home is another good safety tip. The bottom line, don’t be afraid to move, work on forming healthy habits to keep moving while remaining safe so you can keep your independence and stay home longer!

Intrigue Your Mind

Keep your mind alert and active. With your new technology devices, you can listen to pod casts, audio books or ask Alexa or Siri quiz questions. The latest technology acts like a personal assistant. You can set alarms for yourself to help you remember tasks, appointments and even medications. Get the latest news reported to you and set your daily routine to include The Word of the Day or This Day in History. As my grandfather Louis J. Crognale, Sr. would say, “If you stop learning, you stop living!”

By using the latest remote technology, you can help decrease depression through the added social engagement and you can proactively manage health conditions. It can help increase independence and make both you and your loved one feel safer. Enhancing communication and can ultimately help prevent hospitalization.

At Spring Hills Senior Communities, we recognize that healthcare is an evolving field and we need to be ahead of the curve on that by keeping up to date with new technology that supports senior care. Our Vice President of Resident Services & Program Development, Lesa Scott explained that, “One of the central focuses of our company is to remain ahead of the curve by providing the most innovative and functional new technologies to our seniors and their families. We take great pride in the sense of comfort that our residents and family members are able to feel through these programs. There is never any need to question or worry about their wellbeing because, with these programs, their loved ones are always with them.” Our Signature Trends program allows us to provide seniors with real-time technology that makes it easier for their families to learn more about the assisted living care they are receiving at every hour of the day.

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