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Providing Care and Knowledge to Live Happy

September 9, 2021 | Blog

Caring for loved ones which chronic diseases is an honor, but it can also be overwhelming at times. Unfortunately, there comes a time that family caregivers may need extra help and guidance. It’s reassuring to hear the level of support and dedication people are experiencing in our healthcare system, especially by those who really care about what they do and who they do it for, often going well above and beyond their scope of work to ensure the people in their care are living their best life possible. Here is a lovely story from a family member who experienced that level of support at Spring Hills Home Care Services.

 “When we needed immediate 24/7 care for my elderly father, Spring Hills was the only one of the better agencies I called that could respond that day and hit the ground running with full coverage.” – Hill

Ms. Hill was in search of help for her father who was suffering from dementia, and after calling Spring Hills she found the people that she felt would give her the support she needed. Hill and her family were caught in an emergency where her father needed 24/7 care. On her call she was told that not only could Spring Hills give her the care she needed, but we’d also have caretakers over to her home that same day. This was a huge relief for Hill and her family who went on to use this care to learn and assist her father with his dementia. “What I learned is that we didn’t just get aids, we also got a management staff with decades of experience in elder care” Hill says. Spring Hills was able to assist the family on things like different facilities around the area, knowledge of different types of care, provided resources for the family and were able to mentor and teach the Hill family what they needed to know about caring for a person with dementia. “There were so many things about what my dad was going through that I didn’t understand”. The caregivers were not only able to provide knowledge and expertise but also emotional support to the family as they went through a difficult time. With 24/7 accessibility, there was always someone to help when needed or put in contact with if there were any problems. Even when Hill’s father was in a different dementia care facility, she talks about still being able to reach out to the associates at Spring Hills to ask questions and receive the support that was needed. Though Hill was warned by friends about other facilities, Hill quickly realized that Spring Hills provides many services and were able to adapt to the needs of her father and be accommodating, and these were important attributes to what Hill believed made Spring Hills a good community for her father’s care.

Learn about dementia

Dementia is a general term not an overall disease. Dementia falls under the category of a disease that causes brain changes. These can be very severe changes such as a decline of thinking capabilities, as well as cognitive abilities that can affect your behavior and daily life to the point of impairing your independence. Conditions of dementia are progressive meaning it starts out slowly and gradually gets worse, there is no cure for conditions under the category of dementia.

Spring Hills Home Care

For those whose happiness is being at home, the innovative approach and progressive lifestyle offered by Spring Hills allows you to be at your most active and enjoy your independence to the fullest, all while providing flexibility, personalized support, and secure care so you can remain in your home, no matter how your health needs may change. From the one-on-one attention that every home care recipient receives to the companionship of an individual that is suited to their lifestyle, our team of experienced caregivers will ensure you will be able to maintain the life you love, at home, while receiving the care you deserve.

Our diverse and dedicated group of multicultural Certified HHAs are experienced and specialty-trained in caring for individuals that may be facing chronic illnesses such as dementia, cardiovascular disease, and osteoporosis. In this care, we can help seniors manage their condition through preventative measures such as education and exercise programs. These individualized service plans provide your loved one with the assistance they need to be healthier and more independent which means peace of mind for our family caregivers.

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