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Preparing for the Holidays

November 22, 2021 | Blog

The holidays are a wonderful time of the year. Families come together, presents are exchanged, and yummy food is eaten! It can also be a stressful time for people especially when your loved one needs assistance. Here are many ways we can mentally prepare for the holidays here are some tips you can follow for both you and your loved one: 

Prepare a realistic budget 

Overspending is a huge source when dealing with the holidays. We tend to overcompensate for other people’s wants and not budget correctly. In preparing for the holidays a budget is a great way to start. You can budget for both gifts, but also travel, and any other costs that come with the holidays. You can also start a savings account sometime in the Spring or Summer so you already have a set amount of money stored away. 

Make a to-do list 

Your list can be anything! You can write down holiday activities for you and your family or friends. It can also be a list of chores to do before the family arrives. The list can include making cookies, what places you need to go shopping, a grocery list for holiday dinners, anything that might be an area of stress can be written down to relieve anxiety. 

Don’t compare yourself to others

It can be easy to compare yourself to others when you are looking down your street of immaculate Christmas decorations. As tempting as it may be, don’t compare yourself based on what other people are doing. Do what is best for you and your family and friends. 

Don’t Create Unrealistic Expectations For The Holiday

A significant source of stress that surrounds the holiday is having unrealistic expectations. The holidays are for spending time with family and being grateful. As the holidays grow closer, we find ourselves dreaming of ideas, gifts, and overthinking what we want the holidays to look like. It’s important to list out our realistic holiday goals, budget our money and manage our time but a wonderful stress free holiday. 

Healthcare Holiday To-Do List


As the holiday gets closer, yards and houses are being decorated with holiday colors and ornaments. The feeling of belonging can help seniors reduce stress and stay involved with family and friends. It’s important for healthcare organizations to encourage our residents and patients to participate in putting up holiday decorations in their rooms, as this could help them get into the holiday spirit and help stay active. 

Create holiday crafts

Not only is Art therapy proof that something as simple as putting a paint brush to a canvas can yield life-altering results for many, but it can make a holiday more enjoyable. Whether you craft a thanksgiving turkey, a winter scene or a holiday flower, these simple holiday activities allow residents to express themselves in ways that transcend language.

Staying Connected

Since the start of COVID-19 the way we are able to interact with each other has changed drastically. Although some families are unable to visit many locations, it’s important for healthcare organizations to schedule calls with your loved ones during this holiday season. Think of it as more than just a call, share music, reminisce on holidays past and share photos are great ways to stay engaged during the holidays.

Spring Hills Holidays

We are committed to giving the people in our care a rich and pleasurable dining experience every day. In addition to providing delicious meals and personalized service, our thoughtful dining staff also works individually with residents to accommodate special dietary needs and requests. With our signature dining program, we are constantly looking for ways to enhance the dining experience during the holidays. Our chefs work hard to incorporate special holiday recipes and have made recipes at our residents request to help keep their traditions alive even when they are unable to see their family

At Spring Hills, we understand that the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year and a time that should be enjoyed by everyone. Spring Hills also follows similar tips and dedicates ourselves to creating a fun, loving, and enjoyable space for our residents to keep their holiday spirit alive. Whatever you celebrate, we here at Spring Hills hope that you enjoy your holiday. By implementing these tips, your holiday gatherings can be a more fun and stress free experience for all.

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