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Our Signature Approach to Memory Care: Life/Work Access Attractions

July 17, 2018 | Blog

Life/Work Access Attractions offer opportunities to engage seniors with past life experiences. Life/Work Access Attractions consist of small vignettes that help seniors, especially those with Alzheimer’s/dementia spark old memories and create activities that encourage interest, movement and interaction.

Offers a sense of familiarity

With memory care especially, any moment that you can see the light go on inside of them is a remarkable thing. By reminding the seniors about their glory days, you are able to honor their legacy and reach them in ways unique to Life/Work Access Attractions. According to Focus on the Family, “The key to honoring aging loved ones is to understand how to encourage them… It’s important to help an aging loved one capture his personal history.” Providing the seniors with a sense of familiarity allows them to thrive in a memory care environment.

Provides a sense of purpose

One of the most vital aspects of providing senior care is to offer an invaluable sense of purpose to their life. A study referenced in a publication on Time discussed that, “Having a purpose in life may help people maintain their function and independence as they age.” Other benefits of a sense of purpose for seniors include, but are not limited to: longer life expectancy, lower risk of diseases, and better health and sleep habits.

Invokes sensory stimulation defines sensory stimulation as using, “everyday objects to arouse one or more of the five senses with the goal of evoking positive feelings.” Life/Work Access Attractions are equipped with certain sensory stimulants such as aromas, textures and decorations to create a reaction among the five senses. Sensory stimulation is a great tool to help reach seniors which offers incredible benefits for them such as “enjoyment to seniors with the disease, reduce(s) their anxiety and depression, and increase(s) their social interaction.”

At Spring Hills Senior Communities, we offer a holistic and independent approach to senior living that caters to our population’s unique likes and dislikes while providing them with a sense of purpose and familiarity. Our Vice President of Resident Services & Program Development, Lesa Scott, discussed the importance of why we offer these attractions by saying, “Life/Work Access Attractions allow our seniors to reminisce on activities, hobbies or interests that they enjoyed throughout their life while stimulating all five of the senses and providing them with a sense of daily purpose. It is such a special moment to witness our memory care population light up as they take care of lifelike baby dolls in our fully functional nursery or build something in our safe & secure workshop attractions. By providing fully functional Life/Work Access Attractions, we are able to provide our seniors with a holistic and independent lifestyle through vignettes that are catered to their individual likes and preferences.” To learn more about our Signature Touches, contact us.

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