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Our Associates are Our Most Valuable Resource

April 22, 2020 | Blog

As a company, we understand the importance of making sure associates feel heard and appreciated all year long. However, especially during these trying times, we have found it even more obvious that our staff are our most valuable resource. That is why we aim to provide a variety of initiatives and benefits to the people who work for us to help make it clear that we value them as part of our team whether they work for our assisted living, memory care, or post-acute care branches. Here are some of the ways that we do that. As a reminder, all photos and video in this blog were taken prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Incentives and Benefits

It’s very simple. Associates want to know what they are getting out of the deal when they begin working for a company. That is why we offer a variety of incentives and benefits including discount programs to popular retail locations, competitive benefits packages, bonus structures based on excellent performance and many more. According to Chron, “Rewards and incentives in the workplace have benefits for both employees and employers. Through workplace rewards and incentives, employers and workers enjoy a positive and productive work environment.” Our incentives program and plethora of benefits are just one of many ways we strive to be the premiere employer in the healthcare space.

Open Communication

Just like in any relationship, open and constant communication is absolutely necessary for associates and employers to maintain. The most effective and successful businesses understand this and aim to create programs and policies that help encourage communication wherever possible. HRTechnologist notes that, “Often, effective communication at the workplace is what distinguishes a good leader from a great one. Communication at (the) workplace defines organizational goals and helps coworkers collaborate.” In senior living especially, when we need to work working together as a unit for the benefit of the individual in our care, communication is not merely important; it’s a necessity. 

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Flexible Scheduling, Wherever Possible

Our associates have lives and outside commitments just like anyone else. That is why, wherever possible, we work together with our associates to provide schedules that are flexible around their needs. Whenever we can make accommodations, we are happy to make them. Experts define workplace flexibility as, “Flexibility in the workplace allows employers and employees to make arrangements about working conditions that suit them. This helps employees maintain a work/life balance and can help employers improve the productivity and efficiency of their business.” Even healthcare workers are human. We understand that and aim to work with them wherever possible. 

Promotion Opportunities from Within

There’s no better feeling for an associate than being recognized for their hard work. What better way to do that than offering promotion opportunities from within? One of the defining aspects of our company culture is our policy of promoting stellar associates to new and better opportunities from within, rather than opening up new positions to the external market. We know that our associates are rock stars so, when a position opens up, we look internally to fill those positions. This is just another way that we aim to make sure our employees feel heard and noticed.

At Spring Hills Senior Communities, we are always looking for new associates who are ready to take the first step toward a truly rewarding career helping those most in need. To learn more about how to join our family, click here to see our current openings

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