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Our Approach to Senior Living: A Safe & Secure Environment

August 10, 2022 | Blog

Fostering a safe and secure environment where our residents can roam around freely and independently while remaining completely safe from harm is a valuable piece of what we do. With all the risks that the aging population is susceptible to, it is paramount to cover all bases when it comes to safety in senior living and memory care. Here are some of the ways that we create a safe and secure environment for your loved ones.

It’s a team effort.

A community can only be safe when you are working as one, cohesive team. Given how many departments it takes to care for a senior’s daily needs, there has to be open communication between the entire staff to ensure the safety of the resident is maintained. According to Assisted Living Consult, “All staff is involved in developing resident safety goals.” So, whether you’re a nurse, caregiver or a cook, everyone plays a hand in creating a safe environment for the seniors that you care for.

Technology promotes safety.

There are a variety of family engagement and nurse call systems that are available in today’s market. These programs promote a safe environment that eliminates any guess work from your community. Certain programs allow for paperless medical records, key codes can be used to keep particularly adventurous residents from leaving the community and activity tracking programs can monitor the sleeping, grooming and bathing habits of the seniors. Assisted Living Consult notes that, “Accurate and timely information transfer between shifts, internal departments, and external agencies is an important safety practice.” All of these technology programs help to facilitate an effective information transfer both internally and externally, which is vital to the safety of the residents.

A safe environment allows for independent living.

Independence goes hand-in-hand with safety. You need to have a safe environment in order to allow for the seniors to live an independent lifestyle. Our Director of Program Development and Training, Rachel Helfand, understands the importance of allowing seniors to roam about freely and independently in a secure environment by noting, “Our environment provides residents with a safe place to explore and engage in life while keeping them protected. This secure environment caters to our residents’ unique abilities which helps promote independence and success in navigating their surroundings.”

At Spring Hills Senior Communities, we take the safety and security of our seniors very seriously. By implementing new and innovative technologies and creating a team environment among our staff, we are able to ensure the safety of each and every one of our residents.

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