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New Year. New You. In 9 Steps.

January 5, 2021 | Blog

Your plans for New Year’s 2021 might be a lot different than what they used to be — you may have traded in a New Year’s Eve party for more time on the couch in front of the television — and your resolutions may look different, too. Although 2020 drastically changed the way we all live, here at Spring Hills, we reflected on the last year and understand that A Strong Support System Is The Key To Happiness. With a foundation rooted in providing the best care possible to all of our residents, associates and families, we challenge you to reflect and grow this new year keeping these 9 steps in mind, to help you Live Happy

  1. FOR THE MIND | Set a goal to read books or learn to meditate. Your goal should stimulate your mind and help you grow.
  2. FOR THE BODY | This could be a fitness or nutritional goal. Perhaps even a skincare routine. Whatever the goal, it should benefit your body in some way.
  3. FOR THE SOUL | What are you most passionate about? Make sure you have a goal that helps you achieve something that speaks to your soul.
  4. FOR LOVE | If your single, maybe it’s time to try speed dating or update your online profile. For couples maybe this is making a dedicated date night once a week.
  5. FOR YOUR CAREER | Do you want to get promoted? Perhaps get certified in something that would help you advance? Maybe it is to implement an idea you have had that would increase productivity.
  6. FOR MONEY | Is your goal to be debt free? Pay off your student debt? Maybe you’re ready to buy a home or invest?
  7. FOR KNOWLEDGE | Take a real estate class, take a class for continuing education, whatever you choose, make sure you are learning something new.
  8. FOR SOMEONE ELSE | Perhaps you volunteer at a dog shelter or participate in a 5K fundraiser. It could be as simple as cleaning out your closets and donating old clothing to a good cause.
  9. SOMETHING THAT SCARES YOU | Growth is on the other side of your comfort zone. Are you scared for fly? Public Speak? Conquer your fears!

Everyone starts the year off with plans to better themselves but, sometimes, life gets in the way. Writing down your goals holds you accountable while also making sure you are enriching all aspects of your life. With 9 simple goals to reach per year, you can do a challenge with your personal support system, your friends or coworkers to see who can meet the most if not all of their goals between January 1st and December 31st. Remember to celebrate each other’s accomplishments along the way. What can you achieve in a year?

We hope your new year is filled with excitement and the achievement of your goals!

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