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Loving What You Do

February 3, 2021 | Blog

Loving What You Do  

For those who have trouble determining exactly what work they truly love; it can cause many sleepless nights filled with searching for answers from mentors, books and videos or moving into different industries in order to find that one role or opportunity that is everything they dreamed of. 

Some people get lucky with their jobs and they end up getting hired and falling in love with them. For others, they dread the day ahead from the moment they get to the officeThere are obvious differences between people who enjoy their work and those who don’t. People who love going to work are typically much happier, productive and driven. The Washington Post reported an article that stated: ’13% of people worldwide like going to work’. That said, the United States and Canada did have the highest levels of engagement in the world at 29% with Australia and New Zealand a close second at 24%. 

However, there are also differences between people who do what they love and people who simply love what they do. So, what are these differences 


Both are passionate about what they do. But the person who is doing what they love has a passion that comes from deep within. The person who loves what they do still has passion, but this passion is learned, and not inherently part of their being. Doing what you love means you have wanted this dream job for the sole reason of pursuing a passion. The money, the location, the people do not matter as much as the fact that you are simply in a place where you are being allowed to pursue your passion. 


When you are doing something you love, you have been given a chance to achieve a goal that you set out to reach from the moment you discovered your dream. This notion of opportunity is one that makes one feel so grateful for being the recipient of their dream. Loving what you do means that you have discovered and grown into a role that you have become grateful for. Whether it’s the people, the location or any other combination – the experience has fostered a feeling of gratitude.  


The drive that a person who does what they love is so deeply embedded in them that they are always motivated to think about it. They are doing what they do because they cannot imagine living without it, so they are always finding ways to put out the best work and ideas they possibly can generate. Although a job role may not have been your original dream, in finding a love for the role, the drive to do well and exceed expectations will grow.  


Even if you love what you do, your first passion is always going to take precedence over your job, whether a personal hobby, a relationship, etc. People who do what they love have a deep passion for their job, so it will always be the most important element of their life. It is like an extension of themselves, and that makes it much more difficult to not make it a priority 

At Spring Hills, we understand the importance of loving what you do. We take pride in providing our associates with every resource and opportunity to ensure that we are providing unparalleled care and meet the needs of every individual. But, more importantly, our teams love what they do and it’s not something that we can instill. Having a team that is deeply passionate about providing the best care and exceeding expectationsis fundamental in the care we offer to our residents and families. When you love what you do, the world is your oyster. A positive mind, a loving heart and engagement in your work creates fulfillment and meaning. Take the time to discover what you truly desire, check out Spring Hills and see what it means to be part of a team that loves what they do, it is worth the fight to Live Happy 

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