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Looking Into Long Term Senior Care as a Couple

February 18, 2020 | Blog

Whether one party is still independent or both individuals need to look into senior living, the process of going through this transition is better when you go through it together. There are a variety of options available for couples in need of assistance for one or both of the seniors. It is important to consider all of them before making a decision for you and your loved one. Whether you want to live in separate homes or move into a long term care facility together, there are a wide array of assisted living and memory care as well as other care plans available for couples.

Home Care Services

At the beginning phases of decline for seniors, home care services is usually the best bet for you to start your journey because it is one of the most independent assisted living options available. It also allows you to stay in the home you’ve built together while still getting a bit of help wherever you may need someone to pick up the gaps. The NJ Department of Human Services Division of Aging Services notes that, “Most seniors and people with disabilities in need of long-term care services prefer to get help in their home.” Home care can be a great bridge between the home you’ve built together and any next steps that may be needed for additional care.

Adult Day Care 

If you or your loved one are more social creatures who would prefer to get out of the house, adult day care can offer a lot of those social benefits for you both. It serves as a great opportunity for couples who may be living with younger family members and need somewhere to go while they’re at work or for independently living couples who lack social interaction. Our Director of Operations for Spring Hills Home Care Services, Nick Banar, discussed the impact social interaction can have for seniors by saying that, “It’s going to set them up to have more longevity when it comes to their cognitive functioning.” Adult Day Care can serve as a great means to get social interaction as a couple and prevent older adult decline from occurring.


Living in Separate Homes

If it has come to a point where you are going to need to look into senior living options such as assisted living and memory care, it can be tricky when only one individual is in need of care. Most senior living communities will be able to offer open visitation rights for the spouse to be with their loved one any time of the day. In a case study referenced by NCBI, it was found that, “Increased family involvement is important to residents and is directly linked to improved quality of life.” So, for those parties who want to stay in their home, that option is available to them should they choose. It is important to visit often and regularly, however, to help improve their quality of life.

Moving in Together

If none of those options are the right fit for you, just about any long term care facility will accommodate moving in together as a couple. In fact, according to AgingCare, “Most senior communities can accommodate couples who wish to live together. Independent living communities, assisted living facilities, nursing homes and memory care units typically offer options for couples to live in the same residence, while each receives and pays for the care they need.” This will help provide a sense of companionship when taking on this next stage of your lives. Change is never easy but having someone with you to help you along the way makes it much easier.

At Spring Hills Senior Communities, we understand the importance of companionship and aim to accommodate any needs a couple may have when considering long term care. To find a community near you, click here

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