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Long-Distance Caregiving and Staying Connected with Aging Parents

July 7, 2017 | Blog

Watching your parents or loved one grow older can be so difficult, especially when you live at a distance. They’ve taken care of you through the years and you wish you could be there for them now! Aging parents guilt is common among those caring for senior parents from a distance, but it is important to remember you are still doing your part to help.

Spring Hills understands how important family is and how you need that peace of mind, knowing that your loved one is being cared for. That’s why our team of caregivers has implemented Smile™, a technology that allows you to remain in the know about your loved one.

A Personal Approach to Senior Care for a Peace of Mind

Dedicated to holistic care methods, we know how important family engagement and communication are for our residents and home care recipients. This is especially true for those living far away from their elderly parents. Smile™ provides two-way communication for you and your loved one, using your preferred method of notification to receive updates and messages. This personalized approach to caring for and monitoring your loved one–even from a distance–provides a peace of mind that so many adult children have trouble attaining.

Relieving Aging Parent Guilt with 24/7 Caregiver Updates

Relieving Aging Parents Guilt with Smile TechnologyTo help our residents feel more connected to their loved ones, and vice versa, Smile™ provides 24/7 access through a remote system. This system provides updates on the daily activity and health of residents, able to monitor any changes so that family members and caregivers can be alerted and step in, if necessary.

Beyond staying updated on the wellbeing of your loved one, Smile™ provides access to community newsletters and assisted living facility event calendars. Through these features, family members can find peace knowing their loved one is enjoying the ongoing recreation that is available to them. They may even log into the Smile™ photo and video galleries to see their loved one participating in these events.

Seamless Long-Distance Caring with Help from Spring Hills

Equipped with Smile™, Spring Hills helps to ensure that you and your loved one are never out of touch or out of sight. We understand that long distance caregiving is never easy. That’s why we’re dedicated to holistic practices that keep you and your loved one connected.

Contact Spring Hills today to learn more about long distance caregiving and see how you can help your aging parents from afar.

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