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Life Skills Management + Staying Social

October 1, 2021 | Blog

Life Skills Management Programs that educate people and have clear defined objectives to benefit peoples’ lifestyle, both young and old. Programs can cover mental health, socialization, physical health and more. The programs help people deal with stress and emotions, problem solving, creative thinking skills, self-awareness, communication and social skills. According to the World Health Organization the main goal of the Life Skills Management Program is to develop a mentally and physically moderate society with agreed and suitable lifestyle and behaviors. Benefits include: 

  • Learning new ways of thinking and problem solving
  • Building confidence 
  • Developing a better appreciation for others 
  • Becoming more culturally aware
  • Becoming more creative 
  • Understanding time management

Financial exploitation is at its all-time high and our seniors are a big target for various scams. At Spring Hills Home Care Services, our services and amenities optimize independence and allow our seniors to thrive and flourish in the comfort of their home. Our Life Skills Management Program is one of our many Signature Concierge Services that is supported by our internal office team beyond the scope of assistance that our Home Health Aide is able to provide.  

We assist clients by:

    • Sorting and understanding mail
    • Writing checks 
    • Paying bills
    • Scheduling doctor appointments
    • Coordinating contractors and repairmen
    • Calling social security, medicare, and health insurance providers 
    • Work with bank and credit providers 
    • Making grocery lists 
  • Writing out holiday, birthday, and personal letters 

There are many ways our Signature Concierge Life Skills Management can assist and help our clients making their daily life easier so they can spend time on activities and spending time with family.

At each consult we will develop a customized program that they are also engaging the senior in their home which helps with social engagement fits each client and can make adjustments as lifestyle needs change. Working our Concierge Life Skills Management team helps our seniors stay socially and mentally engaged so they maintain active in all aspects of their lives. This leads to better cognitive function while still keeping the value of their independence. Our seniors who are socially engaged benefit from a bigger sense of belonging and higher self-esteem levels. When seniors are able to connect with those who are passionate about the same things it helps to form a lasting bond leading to long term confidence.

Spring Hills 

At Spring Hills, we understand the value of social, physical, and mental awareness. Our Life Skills Management Program allows our residents and patients to build up both personal and transferable skills in order to Live Happy. We want to encourage and uplift our seniors in being the best versions of themselves, as well as our associates who are a part of a positive impact as well. Learn more about our home care here

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