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Letting Go of Caregiver Guilt

October 22, 2019 | Blog

Caring for a loved one can be very overwhelming for many people. Those who are self-critical and blame themselves are often prone to depression. Often times caregivers will grieve for a longer period of time if they feel as though their caregiving wasn’t good enough. But, it is very important to try and stop experiencing those feelings. You are not a professional; it is not your job as the child or spouse to work as a full-time caregiver.

You are not the only one going through this, guilt is a common feeling in this profession. Guilt can either encourage you to be the best you or make you feel unsuccessful and depressed. If you start to feel imprisoned due to overwhelming guilt, consider learning how to let go of caregiver guilt. Here are some tips on how to let go of caregiver guilt and allow yourself to accept help for your loved one.

How to Combat Senior Depression

Avoid Social Isolation

Social isolation can be incredibly harmful to anyone, but especially to those with feelings of caregiver guilt. According to NCBI, “Loneliness has been identified as a significant factor in physician utilization, independent of health status, depression and somatic complaints.” Therefore, avoiding isolation and communicating with others can help you express your feelings and take some of the weight off your shoulders.

Take Action

Being a caregiver is time-consuming and can result in feelings of guilt, stress, depression, or anxiety. Taking some time for you is normal, and your needs and wants are just as important. If you need some time alone, consider enrolling your loved one into a senior center or adult daycare to help give you time to yourself. Sending your loved one to one of our adult day facilities will make them feel more fulfilled and engaged while giving you a break from being a caregiver.

Ask For Help

Caregivers often neglect to recognize that they may need assistance with their responsibilities. Take a break from caregiving and get help with caregiving tasks by creating a list of the things that you need help with and allow a family member to assist you while you take some time for yourself.

Ann V.

As a caregiver, know that you will continue to be an efficient caregiver if you let go of the guilt. After reviewing these tips, we hope you now understand that caring for yourself can help you become an overall better caregiver. It may sound counterintuitive, but it is extremely important for caregivers to take care of themselves! At Spring Hills, our Adult Day Care services may be utilized to provide family caregivers with relief during the day, while keeping seniors physical and socially active. Here’s a closer look at some ways caregivers can ensure their own health and wellness.

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