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Keeping Seniors Healthy and Hydrated this Summer

July 27, 2018 | Blog

With the heat of summer in full swing, now more than ever is it important to keep seniors healthy and hydrated. Nobody understands this more than the team at the Spring Hills Senior Community in Mt. Vernon, located at 3709 Shannons Green Way. Dehydration is one major concern that the Spring Hill’s team has a variety of methods to keep at bay. Through their Signature Touches – Aromatherapy program which aids their senior residents utilizing the therapeutic effects of essential oils, they can meet additional wellness concerns while hydrating the residents.

Keeping seniors hydrated is a key concern their caregivers have. By doing so, a host of other medical issues, like heat cramps and heat stroke, can be avoided. In addition, kidney, stomach and intestinal problems are also risks of being dehydrated. Luckily, the team at Spring Hills Mt. Vernon Assisted Living is not short on suggestions to get seniors drinking more water.

“It’s all about being creative, fun and excited about wellness, especially as the days grow hotter,” said Oluburola (Bukky) Daniels, Director of Resident Care at Spring Hills Mt. Vernon. “Simply increasing seniors water intake can avoid admission to the hospital from a range of problems.”

One tip to keep seniors drinking is repetition. Continue offering them something to drink or a water-enriched treat. Knowing that seniors may not be willing to drink it all in one sitting, the consistent offering establishes a wellness routine that will soon become difficult to break. Over time, they will show what they prefer and suggestions can be altered accordingly.

Sometimes trying to drink plain water isn’t exciting enough. The introduction of fresh fruits in the water can encourage seniors with a better tasting alternative. Try mixing 2 cups of chunked pineapple, 1 cup pitted half cherries, and 3 sliced apples to create a sweet, infused drink perfect to fend off the summer heat.

It’s also important to keep in mind that hydration doesn’t just come in the form of liquids. Cucumbers, watermelons and tomatoes are perfect examples of foods that are over 90 percent water. Creating a fresh summer salad is an excellent way to increase a senior’s water intake. Adding other healthy berries and nuts can make this the ultimate snack.

Spring Hills Mt. Vernon’s Signature Touches – Aromatherapy program introduces the use of essential oils into the daily routine of their residents. The use of lavender infused water in the evening can promote a restful night sleep. In addition, lavender is considered to be a mood booster and a natural antidepressant. Lemon essential oil is also a beneficial part of the program. Infusing it in water works as a digestive aid and can relieve headaches. It also helps to improve focus.

“In a world of overmedication and other unsafe health trends, our Signature Touches – Aromatherapy program allows us to give our residents a natural way to stay healthy,” Daniels said. “The program is ahead of the curve with the latest developments in alternative medicine and therapy, and we’ve already seen a positive improvement in our resident’s activity.”

Making small adjustments in a senior’s day, like providing them with an essential oil infused drink or a hydrating snack, can improve their overall health tenfold. This process does not have to seem dauting and can be a fun addition to the day.

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