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Innovative Technology Supports Health of Seniors

May 1, 2018 | Blog

Technology plays a huge role in healthcare services that provide enhanced communication and help prevent hospitalization. According to Healthcare Business & Technology, “Areas like biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, information technology, the development of medical devices and equipment, and more have all made significant contributions to improving the health of people all around the world.” Some of the technological advancements in healthcare are: Point Click Care, Telehealth, SMILE, and preventative technology. Not only will these services ensure the highest level of care for you or a loved one, it will provide real-time care with a focus on results.

Point Click Care

PCC allows for a coordinated and collaborative approach to senior care. This service provides a consistent progression of medical records to healthcare providers and reduces hospitalization. According to PointClickCare, “care teams can quickly and efficiently document all care delivery tasks electronically — via computers, kiosks or mobile devices — within one central record for each resident.” Using a service like PointClickCare eliminates any guess work and ensures that all residents are taken care of and accounted for in one central hub. Within six months of use, PCC can decrease the length of stay in a hospital by 20 days. Services such as Point Click Care also allow healthcare providers to provide vital healthcare needs to seniors.


Telehealth is the delivery of healthcare services from information and communication technologies. The main focus is to enable patients to communicate directly with their healthcare provider through email or messaging. KNect365 explains that Telehealth will soon “expand to people in remote and rural areas by getting these people basic testing equipment, teaching them how to do the tests remotely and convey the results via Telehealth to their physician to build a health profile.” In fact, Telehealth has multiple approaches including: Live video, store and forward, remote patient monitoring and mobile health.

Live video – A two way interaction between a patient, caregiver, or family member and a healthcare provider using audiovisual telecommunications technology.

Store and forward – allows recorded health history to be transmitted after it has been collected through secured emails.

Remote patient monitoring – assists with keeping individuals healthy in the comfort of their own homes or communities, without having to physically go to the doctors office.

Mobile health – Mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, computers, and PDAs are used to educate patients through text messages.

Preventative Technology

Preventative Technology is a remote system that monitors any changes in daily activity. It is known to “improve safety and security for residents by allowing staff to monitor residents remotely and respond more quickly to their needs,” according to Business Wire. This cutting-edge technology supports an independent lifestyle with monitoring systems that are placed throughout the resident’s home which can detect changes in daily living habits such as: sleeping habits, nighttime bathroom activity, front door openings and closings as well as getting in and out of bed. The data collected by this discreet and passive remote monitoring technology prevents UTI’s by showing indicators such as: consistent urination and difficulty sleeping.



SMILE is a service that provides family members insight into their loved one’s daily activities. Not only will they have access to community recreation calendars and weekly menus, but they will also be able to view a gallery of photos showcasing the best moments from their loved one’s day. According to Carextech, “Smile is a web-based software platform for end-to-end communications management including activities documentation & analytics for enhanced family engagement.”

At Spring Hills Senior Communities, we recognize that healthcare is an evolving field and we need to be ahead of the curve on that by keeping up to date with new technology that supports senior care. Our Vice President of Resident Services & Program Development, Lesa Scott explained that, “One of the central focuses of our company is to remain ahead of the curve by providing the most innovative and functional new technologies to our seniors and their families. We take great pride in the sense of comfort that our residents and family members are able to feel through these programs. There is never any need to question or worry about their well-being because, with these programs, their loved ones are always with them.” Our Signature Trends program allows us to provide seniors with real-time technology that makes it easier for their families to learn more about the assisted living care they are receiving at every hour of the day.

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