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Increasing Independence at Senior Living Facilities

April 16, 2019 | Blog

As noted in our article on Independent & Holistic Lifestyles, by 2050, the population of people age 65 and older is estimated to reach 83.7 million. As we age, we begin to worry more. When we were in our 20’s, we worried about our career advancement, who we were going to marry and buying our first home. In our 30’s, we were consumed with raising our children and meeting their needs. In our 40’s, we were cheering our kids on and wondering how we were going to pay for their college. In our 50’s, we were wondering if we would ever retire and get to enjoy the life we were building for ourselves and, in our 60’s, we start to worry more about our health, if we will be able to travel, am I losing my memory, will I fall if I climb that ladder, should I still be driving or will our money last us until we die?

What can we do now to reduce some of those fears that come along with aging? One school of thought is to live in the moment and not worry about the future. Another school of thought is to plan ahead. I think a healthy balance of both is in order.

Let’s look at some of these fears:

Health – What are you doing now about your health? Are you moving around to get the blood flowing every day? Are you eating foods that help your heart or mind? How many balanced meals are you actually eating? Are you doing anything for your social well-being?

Travel – Who are you going to travel with and where are you going? Do you need help remembering to take your medications when you are off your usual schedule?

Falling – People who fall fit into one of these 3 categories:

Environment – This can be anything around you. Indoors it can be your shoes, rugs, stairs or clutter. Outside, look at curbs and conditions.

Health – Medications can cause dizziness, your legs may become weak due to lack of use, or your vision can cause you to go off balance.

Event – something or someone or something has caused you to lose your balance.

Why do you want to climb that ladder to change a light bulb so you can see anyway?

Driving – First of all, are you still driving? If so, is it really safe for you to drive? If not, how are you getting around town these days?

Staying at home by yourself may not be the safest answer for everyone. However, if you plan ahead and check out senior living communities, you might find that you’ve gained more independence than you’ve lost.

Assisted living communities like Spring Hills Senior Communities, offer quality care and services at your fingertips! They specialize in customized solutions for seniors, helping them to optimize independence. As part of their Signature Touches program, they encourage seniors to live an independent lifestyle whether they are in assisted living, home care, memory care, or any other aspect of their continuum of care. Their activities encourage seniors to participate and learn new skills or continue to strengthen their minds, bodies and spirits. Their dining program offers a weekly changing menu that encourages seniors to maintain their independence by being able to choose what they want. They even help their memory care residents by pre-cutting food or creating finger foods to preserve their dignity while respecting their independence.

Transportation is provided to local doctor appointments, shopping and outings. Sit back and relax while all of your household chores are done for you! Feel what it’s like to actually retire and enjoy life!

It is important to encourage independence in senior care because no matter how old someone is, they still deserve to live a life of dignity and respect where they feel that they are in control of their own destiny.

Take a look at what it costs you to live your lifestyle now and compare it to the value of the life you could be living at a senior living community. My recommendation – plan ahead, before someone else has to plan for you!

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