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Importance of Associate Appreciation

October 16, 2019 | Blog

When people feel good about themselves, it makes a difference in their lives. Showing appreciation makes people feel happy and satisfied. According to HuffPost, “Appreciation is a key to any relationship. Appreciating someone makes them feel good about what they do, and that it makes a difference to their lives. It makes them feel better about themselves, urging them to go on with new vigor, strengthening your relationship.” This goes for both friends and or co-worker relationships. In a company, it is important to show appreciation as it can make or break your business.

There are many ways to show appreciation to your associates and by doing so you will gain many benefits. These benefits include: 

Increase in employee retention

It should be obvious that all employees want to be treated like human beings while they are at work. After all, feeling appreciated is a basic human need. Not only does this increase employee satisfaction, but it will also make them feel that they have a bigger presence and are valued at work. Thus increasing employee retention, which is very important to building and maintaining a business.  

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Improve employee satisfaction

An appreciated employee is a happy employee, which always good for business. As business owners and managers, it is important to understand that showing your employees appreciation for their hard work and dedication to the company can have a significant impact on your business environment.

Enhances company culture 

Company culture is one of the many things that can make your business attractive to prospective employees. Good company culture can make your business more engaging and improve employee retention as well. Creating a culture that reminds employees of their worth can make them feel more appreciated and devoted to the company.

Now that you know the benefits of showing associates appreciation, here is how you can get started showing appreciation to your associates and start reaping these benefits! 

  • Explain it to them face-to-face
  • Send an email or text
  • Write a thank-you card
  • Treat your employees to a thank-you reward
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At Spring Hills Senior Communities, we understand the importance of associate appreciation. We take pride in our company culture that is instilled in all of our associates to ensure that we are providing unparalleled care and meet the needs of every individual. 

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