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How to Help Elderly Parents Adjust to Assisted Living

March 3, 2017 | Blog

Transitioning your elderly parents or loved one into an assisted living facility is never easy. At Spring Hills, we do everything we can to help our seniors feel welcome and at home right from the start. However, between the stresses of packing and preparation and the anxiety of moving into a new environment, it still takes some time to get used to. Fortunately, there are many ways that to help make the transition as seamless as possible, helping to make for an assisted living experience that is not only therapeutic, but also enjoyable. Utilize are some of our tips for helping your elderly parents adjust to assisted living.

Ways to Make Senior Living More Comfortable

Find the Right Assisted Living Facility

Though they may offer similar services, no two assisted living facilities are alike. It is important to find a facility suited to the needs and interests of the individual. After all, the better fit, the easier the relocation. Look for a facility that offers a variety of recreational activities and programs, preferably with options your loved one would be interested in. If your parents or loved one requires specific medical attention, such as memory care, that should also be a
primary consideration.

Plan Frequent Visits

The first few weeks in a new environment can be difficult, no matter the circumstance. Frequent visits—especially during this time—can help alleviate any anxiety or loneliness and help your parents feel as though they are leading their normal lives. Dine with them and attend activities so that every assisted living experience is a positive one.

Maintain Outside Interests & Outings

Many seniors feel that because they are living in an assisted living facility, they can no longer enjoy the activities or places they once loved. On the contrary, encourage your loved ones to maintain their favorite hobbies and maintain their weekly outings with friends and family. These activities will help them to maintain a connection to the life they’ve always loved.

Making Assisted Living Feel Like Home

Perhaps the easiest way to make the transition as welcoming as possible is to make their environment feel more like home. Pack family photos, personal décor, and other items that they hold near and dear. These items can make the typical assisted living suite or apartment feel like home. A pet-friendly assisted living facility can also help to make the environment feel more familiar, complete with the presence of their furry friend.

Spring Hills_Hunters Creek Country Kitchen_OrlandoThough the caregivers of Spring Hills do everything they can to make every resident feel at home, the transition period is unavoidable and does take some getting used to. With these simple steps, you and your family can help your elderly parents adjust to senior living as seamlessly as possible.

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