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How to Find Purpose in Your Work

July 11, 2018 | Blog

A general sense of purpose and fulfillment is arguably the most important thing to look for when conducting your job search. In fact, according to Forbes, today’s work force is, “most driven to achieve when they align their careers with their life purpose.” At minimum, the average person works 40 hours a week, so it is paramount to find a career path that provides you with a sense of purpose.

Finding purpose is a journey, not a destination.

Finding purpose in the work you do is a daily commitment. An interview with CEO Aaron Hurst featured on Monster discussed finding purpose in your work by saying, “Take two minutes each day to think of one purpose moment you had that day. If you do this for a month you will find that you are doing more things everyday that bring you purpose and that you also come to appreciate them more.” If you can train your brain to naturally enjoy a sense of purpose in your workplace, you will be much happier going in everyday.

Set your own goals and challenge yourself to meet them.

While finding a job that stimulates you and keeps you busy is an important piece of the puzzle, finding purpose in your work is an internal process. Your employer cannot provide you with a sense of purpose in your work; you have to find it yourself. Corporate Finance Institute notes, “You cannot leave it up to your employer or your team. It is up to you to define and enact your purpose at work.” By setting goals and challenges for yourself, you are setting yourself up for feelings of euphoria and accomplishment when you are able to meet them.

Be unafraid and go after your aspirations head first.

It is easy to give in to our doubts and insecurities about our work. However, to find purpose in your work, you need to believe in your aspirations unapologetically and not be afraid. In fact, Mind Body Green’s official list of nine steps to finding meaning and purpose in your career, “Once you shine a light on your fears, they lose their power over you.” So, learn to shake those feelings of inadequacy and take a proactive approach to meeting your career aspirations every day that you go into work.

Put your heart into your work.

Most importantly, you have to love what you do to feel a sense of purpose in your work. Finding a job that you enjoy going to every single day will allow you to begin feeling a tremendous sense of fulfillment. Our Chief Financial Officer, Tom Vellis, discussed this topic by saying, “A career in healthcare takes more than just hard work, it takes heart. We are in the business of caring for people so finding employees with unquestionable levels of passion for the work they do is vital to our company’s success.”

At Spring Hills Senior Communities, we understand that fostering a sense of purpose is a vital piece of employee satisfaction. That is why our company culture offers a plethora of benefits for the health and well being of the mind, body and spirit of our employees.

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