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How to Celebrate the Holidays While Working in Healthcare

November 29, 2021 | Blog

The holidays can be a wonderful time of year. When caring for others there’s extra pressure to make the holidays perfect. No matter the time, people still need to be cared for even during the holidays. Working through the holidays might be tough but there are ways to keep it less stressful and more joyful.  

Tips to working through the holidays:

Use technology to stay connected to others

If you can’t see your family during the holidays using technologies like FaceTime and zoom are great ways to stay connected. FaceTime your family members while decorating your tree, or set up a zoom call with different members of the family and all bake cookies together. Technology is evolving and allowing us to still feel like we are celebrating with them.

Plan your time off to celebrate 

Make sure to schedule your time off ahead of time so that it is approved and you can make a fun holiday plan. If you know your time off you can plan a shopping trip with friends or family, plan a night in baking or cooking a nice holiday meal, and more. Having a set plan allows you to use the time off wisely and gives you the chance to do things you can’t at work.

Put yourself first 

Self care matters. If you are starting to feel burnt out at work, make sure to ask for the time off. You can’t help others if you can’t take care of yourself, physically and mentally. When you do have a day off make sure it’s a stress free day. Relax, watch your favorite show, spend time with loved ones, do what you can to enjoy your well deserved day off.

Give a coworker a gift or holiday care to spread holiday cheer 

Giving a gift or card to a coworker shows them your appreciation and how much you value them not only as an associate but also as a person. Spreading kindness is a great way to enjoy the holidays at work. It doesn’t have to be an expensive gift, it can be something thoughtful like a handmade decoration for a tree, or baked cookies for your coworkers family to enjoy. You can also ask a work friend to volunteer with you during your days off to give back to the less fortunate

Participate in holiday festivities in your work space

Volunteer to help decorate the office or residential space. Decorating around your workspace allows you to feel the holiday spirit during work. It also allows other coworkers and people around your place of work to feel happy and festive. You can also organize a secret Santa gift exchange for you and your coworkers to make the holidays at work feel special and exciting. 

Spring Hills 

Healthcare is one of the few industries that allows downtime even during the holidays. Essential workers such as policemen, firemen and healthcare workers work through the holiday season and dedicate their time helping others. This doesn’t mean that the holidays aren’t enjoyable and fun for our essential workers. At Spring Hills we admire the work of essential workers everyday for what they do for us and our loved ones. No matter what you celebrate during the holidays we are dedicated to Caring With A Commitment to Quality to help our residents and families get through it together to Live Happy

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