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How Technology Changes the Face of Healthcare

January 21, 2020 | Blog

As the technological revolution continues to boom at full speed, it is important that healthcare companies remain ahead of the curve on any changes or trends. Technology can help in a wide variety of ways to ensure that optimal care is being provided at all times. As technology continues to evolve so must the healthcare provider to remain relevant. Here are some of the ways that technology is beneficial in the healthcare field.

Streamlines Processes

Technology eliminates any guesswork and creates a truly streamlined process of all medical tasks regardless of the worker’s shift or history with the patient in need of assistance. According to Healthcare in America, “Electronic records facilitate the easy sharing of information and collaboration between labs and specialists without the time and resource expenditure on physical transmission.” 

Allows for Easier Communication between Departments

Communication is key to success in healthcare. Prior to the technological revolution, it was a bit trickier to ensure communication was being maintained effectively due to the various departments and shifts that make up a healthcare company. New technology systems eliminate that difficulty by offering an easier and more efficient means of communication between various shifts and departments. The American Institute of Medical Sciences & Education notes that, “Entering data into a computerized system is much less time-consuming than paper-based methods, and it reduces the risk of errors in patient data and financial details. Accessing patient records digitally also allows medical coding experts to…. (increase) efficiency and productivity.” So, technology assists with communication in a big way.

Ensures Effective Documentation of Records

There is an old adage in the healthcare field that, if you didn’t document it, it didn’t happen. Proper documentation is absolutely necessary to the effective care of an individual. Technology has allowed for a system that ensures proper, time-stamped documentation into a shared system for anyone who needs those records to see. The University of Illinois at Chicago found that, “Being able to accumulate lab results, records of vital signs and other critical patient data into one centralized area has transformed the level of care and efficiency a patient can expect to receive when they enter the healthcare system.” This boom of technology in healthcare has been hugely beneficial in the documentation of health records for the patient.

Assists with Early Detection of Disease

Early diagnosis of diseases can be a deciding factor in the ability to treat and cure them. There are a wide variety of diseases that technology is able to assist in the early detection and treatment of. For example, bedroom and bathroom monitors are able to monitor the sleeping habits of seniors in senior care and detect any abnormalities before they may be able to notice it themselves. One way that it is able to assist in the detection of an issue is that it can tell if the individual is getting up and going to the bathroom multiple times a night which can help alert the nurses in the building to a potential urinary tract infection (UTI.) By noticing it and treating it early, the senior stands a much better chance at the effective treatment of a UTI than if it had gone unnoticed for an extended period of time. Through technology, diseases are being detected earlier leading to an increased rate of survival.

At Spring Hills Senior Communities, we understand that, without technology, healthcare won’t be moving forward and we aim to remain ahead of the curve on that. To learn more about our Signature Trends, contact us.

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