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How Not To Get Stuck In Your Career

April 7, 2021 | Blog

Find a career you love

For those who have trouble determining exactly what work they truly love; it can cause many sleepless nights filled with searching for answers from mentors, books and videos or moving into different industries in order to find that one role or opportunity that is everything they dreamed of. 

Some people get lucky with their jobs and they end up getting hired and falling in love with them. For others, they dread the day ahead from the moment they get to the office. There are obvious differences between people who enjoy their work and those who don’t. People who love going to work are typically much happier, productive and driven. The Washington Post reported an article that stated: ’13% of people worldwide like going to work’. That said, the United States and Canada did have the highest levels of engagement in the world at 29% with Australia and New Zealand a close second at 24%. 

Some signs you love what you do: 

  • You feel gratitude for achieving your goals 
  • You’re passionate about what you do 
  • You feel driven and motivated to do your best at work  
  • You find work difficult to not make a priority because of how much you love it


Career guidance 

We sat down and talked to Unanda Bell, Spring Hills Vice President of Human Resources and Talent Management to give guidance to associates feeling stuck in their career. 

Unanda’s start at Spring Hills: 

Unanda started at Spring Hills as a temporary employee working in the finance department in 2003. At the time the company was very small and just starting out. Unanda had started a family and wanted to find a company that she could have opportunities to grow and that valued their employees. “I was ready to find a company that I could stay with and feel like a valuable part of the team.  The reason I did temporary work was to find such a company and I found it with Spring Hills.  However, 

I didn’t know I would go into HR”. Though Unanda had a degree in psychology, her work history was in business, so when asked to take on the company’s payroll and personnel functions she was ready to take on the challenge. From there Unanda received her certification in human resources and continued to grow the human resources department to what it is today.  Spring Hills HR department now consists of recruitment,  payroll and benefits administration, talent management, and more all thanks to the hard work and dedication Unanda has put in her 18 years at the company. “Taking on the responsibility and learning from professionals in the field was a way for me to grow my skills and knowledge with Spring Hills”.

Unanda’s advice for not getting stuck in your career : 

  • Always be willing to learn and take responsibility for your own education
  •  Reach out for mentors both professionally and personally
  •  Always say yes to opportunities that will provide you with additional learning experiences.
  • Try to see the big picture of a company, not just what you do in your position.
  • Don’t get discouraged when you don’t understand why decisions are being made within a company, seek to understand.
  • Let your supervisor and other leaders of the company know that you’re open for opportunities and ask what you can do in order to grow professionally.

“And be ready to change, be ready to accept change in order to grow” – Unanda Bell 


At Spring Hills we take pride in providing our associates with every resource and opportunity to grow and prosper. In fact, most of our senior positions were from promotions. Feeling stuck in a career and not seeing potential to grow can be really stressful. We want our associates to always feel like they have trusted leadership and mentors to help them grow within the company. At Spring Hills we have teams that are deeply passionate about providing the best care and exceeding expectations, and are fundamental in the care we offer to our residents and families. When you love what you do, the world is your oyster. A positive mind, a loving heart and engagement in your work creates fulfillment and meaning. Take the time to discover what you truly desire.  Check out Spring Hills and see what it means to be part of a team that loves what they do, it is worth the fight to Live Happy.  

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