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Holistic and Nutritious: Horticulture Therapy for Seniors

June 23, 2022 | Blog

As any gardener knows, there is nothing quite as relaxing as feeling soil between your fingers. At Spring Hills, we’ve transformed this form of relaxation into a therapeutic form of recreation that can be enjoyed year-round, allowing our residents to enjoy a hobby they’ve always loved. Horticulture therapy for seniors is an innovative program designed to stimulate both the physical and mental self, as well as foster positive socialization among seniors.

Enjoy the Therapeutic Benefits of Gardening

Year-Round Advantages on Mental and Physical Health

DSC_0243During the warmer months, seniors have the opportunity to get out in the sun and enjoy the fresh air by participating in outdoor seasonal gardening activities. Both the sun and fresh air are natural mood-boosters which have shown to diminish feelings of depression, anxiety, and loneliness. In the off-season, indoor gardens are utilized to let our seniors continue with a favorite pastime, providing a relaxing activity that can be enjoyed on any day. Whether planting green peppers and tomatoes outside or fresh herbs and flowers inside, seniors have access to a year-round activity that has been known to relieve the aches and pains of arthritis, foster a sense of purpose, and improve mental health and happiness.

Social Interaction with Every Generation

Every day, our senior have the ability to join other residents in a favorite activity, naturally fostering healthy relationships. While they engage in planting fruits, vegetables, and florals, they can mingle with other individuals and form new friendships. However, gardening isn’t just for our seniors! At Spring Hills, we partner with several local youth groups who join our seniors in healthy multi-generation gardening activities. In fact, these events are some of our most popular, with our residents and guests always looking forward to our ongoing Gardening Days.

Delicious and Nutrition Farm-to-Table Dining

Within our horticulture therapy program, seniors don’t just enjoy the planting of fruits, vegetables, and herbs—they enjoy them within our dining services! Built upon providing tasty and versatile meals, our culinary chefs use the fresh and seasonal produce that our seniors work hard to provide within daily meals. This includes fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as fresh herbs. By helping to provide our chefs with local and fresh nutritional ingredients, we’ve seen our seniors gain a sense of purpose and independence, helping to foster happiness and confidence.

Learn More About Assisted Living Recreation

Horticulture therapy for seniors is just one of many senior day care services and programs that we offer. We strive to provide our residents with a variety of recreational activities, suited to different hobbies and interests, allowing our residents to stay as physically and mentally active as possible.

We invite you to learn more about our various Signature Programs by contacting the Spring Hills facility nearest you! Our team of caregivers can’t wait to show you what makes our assisted living services so unique.

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