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Helping to Manage Cholesterol

September 2, 2021 | Blog

It’s been talked about for eons, it seems – cholesterol. It’s one of the most serious conditions that impacts many seniors among many other common conditions.

High cholesterol has the potential to lead to numerous heart conditions that can prove fatal. Seniors with high levels of cholesterol run greater risks of stroke or heart attack.

While it has been talked about for years and years, seniors do not seem to grasp what high cholesterol is or how it can impact their lives.

For starters, cholesterol is a wax-like build-up that is found in the cells of your body and look very similar to fat cells. Not all cholesterol is bad cholesterol, and in fact, some is needed to help power the body and function properly. The body should be able to make as much as it needs so it can create hormones, vitamin D and help the body digest food.

What’s important to remember is that cholesterol is found in the foods we eat and eating too much of those types of foods and having a poor lifestyle can increase the chances of a person of having higher cholesterol.

Some of those high-cholesterol sources include:

According to the CDC, high cholesterol has no symptoms, so many people don’t know that their cholesterol is too high. A simple blood test can check cholesterol levels.

Unfortunately, there isn’t an all-for-one way to combat cholesterol. A number of variables come into play when dealing with cholesterol in seniors, such as prescriptions, diet and activity level.

Those treating cholesterol must weigh the potential negative interactions with other medications while some are physically unable to be more active.

At Spring Hills, we’re proud of our Signature Touch philosophy that encourages seniors to engage in programs and activities while they receive a personalized approach to their care.

We pride ourselves in providing at least 14 healthy options to choose from every day in a restaurant-style setting.

While we can’t eradicate cholesterol, Spring Hills takes pride in cultivating an activity plan and health plan for every single one of our residents so they can all Live Happy.

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