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Healthcare Marketing Matters | Spring Hills, A Proven Leader

December 29, 2021

Learn about Spring Hills’ recent successes in this interview:

Spring Hills is a proven leader in healthcare when it comes to quality care, successful programs, proven outcomes and best in class operations. But it doesn’t stop there. In order to be the premier provider in the communities they serve, Spring Hills needs to tell its unique, authentic story across multi-channel media. People need to engage in the brand and connect with its associates in order to really experience life at Spring Hills for themselves.

This is why healthcare marketing matters. Understanding that as a company grows, the brand will evolve. As time moves on, audiences change and how a brand connects with their audience will change as well. Spring Hills understands this well and has taken the time to be deliberate and consistent with its brand, stay connected to its original brand elements in terms of color and other design elements, but evolve just enough to be modern and relevant. Since 2020, Spring Hills has won seven awards through GDUSA.

American Graphic Design Awards 2020

  • Spring Hills Comprehensive Cardiac Program
  • Spring Hills Company Newsletter

Health & Wellness Design Awards 2021

  • Spring Hills Services Welcome Home Program
  • Spring Hills Post Card Campaign


  • Spring Hills Digitally Interactive + Printed Step Sheets
  • Spring Hills Malnutrition Educational Social Media Infographics
  • Spring Hills Smoking Cessation Solutions Brochure

Home Car Services Welcome Home Program
Credits: Krystal Pratt (Director of Branding + Media), Christina Everett (VP of Branding + Media)

Livingston Post Card Campaign
Credits: Krystal Pratt (Director of Branding + Media), Christina Everett (VP of Branding + Media)

Digitally Interactive Step Sheets
Credits: Krystal Pratt (Director of Branding + Media), Christina Everett (VP of Branding + Media)

Educational Social Media Infographics
Credits: Taylor Morales (Social Media + Content Specialist), Krystal Pratt (Director of Branding + Media), Christina Everett (VP of Branding + Media)

Smoking Cessation Solutions
Credits: Brittany Brinza (Graphic Designer + Digital Media Specialist), Krystal Pratt (Director of Branding + Media), Christina Everett (VP of Branding + Media)

With these awards in our portfolio, Spring Hills has proven itself not only to be a leader in healthcare, but in healthcare marketing too!

GDUSA is a nationally recognized resource for creative professionals that has been around for about 60 years. Their publication provides resources such as career tips, people to watch, vendors, products and design innovations. They also have quarterly design contests. GDUSA is sponsored by the Creative Group, a Robert Half Company who provides recruitment services for creatives.

Why do award winning designs matter in healthcare? According to World Population “It is estimated that over 50% of Americans over the age of 65 will need some form of care during their lives. Assisted living communities are a popular option for adults who require this care.” Spring Hills has been a leader in senior living since 1999. According to The Genworth Financial Cost of Care Survey “the national median for an assisted living facility in 2019 cost $48,612 per year or about $4,051 per month”. Spring Hills’ award winning designs have lead to 1279 total leads in this space year to date. With assisted living averaging about 48,000.00 per year, that’a a revenue potential of over $61,000,000.00. With 112 move-ins from digital and print media, the Spring Hills Branding + Media team helped to net the company over $530,000.00 in 2021.

In terms of Home Care, the 72 Hour Welcome Home Collateral piece, that won an award during the middle of the pandemic, helped the Spring Hills Home Care Services team provide a visual picture on how to effectively navigate and mitigate the transitional risk management during the initial 72 hours to minimize the ill-effects of transfer trauma. All of these amazing refreshed and new collateral pieces were inspired by Spring Hills Director of Branding and Media, Krystal Pratt.

Krystal is lead by Christina O’Leary Everett, VP of Branding + Media who has over 18 years of experience with Spring Hills and has been building a solid internal team since 2017. With the growth of the company and Krystal’s eye for talent and patience for development, the team has grown to five members with Krystal’s overbite and development of the 3 creative members: Brittany Brinza, Graphic Designer + Digital Media Specialist, Taylor Morales, Social Media + Content Specialist Ciara Perozzi, Graphic Designer + Digital Media Specialist.

With over 15 years of experience, Krystal is most known for her high-end editorial designs. At Spring Hills, her main goal has been to elevate and modernize the existing brand. Krystal works with both internal and agency designers to enhance and showcase the brand consistently, while making Spring Hills digitally competitive within the industry. Krystal has been participating in different GDUSA competitions for over 6 years and brought her competitive spirit with her when she joined Spring Hills in the middle of the pandemic in August 2019. Within her career, she has won a total 14 awards with GDUSA for various projects ranging from packaging, to catalogs, branding and marketing campaigns. Krystal says she is proud and excited to say that seven of those awards have been won with her team at Spring Hills.

When asked “Why is graphic design so important in healthcare, particularly assisted living?” Krystal says:

“Creating concise, easy to digest marketing materials for the senior population and their families is highly important because many people get overwhelmed when it comes to healthcare and healthcare options. The right marketing piece helps people have peace of mind during a potentially stressful time.”

Spring Hills is proud of their most recent awards for the Spring Hills Malnutrition Educational Social Media Infographic, based on the program developed by Lesa Scott, BS, RN, CALA and Vice President Clinical Services & Compliance and the Smoking Cessation Solutions Brochure. The creative for the Spring Hills Malnutrition Program was a larger project that turned into a 360 campaign, combining educational social media posts, to enhance and aide in our upcoming Facebook Live Event, in addition to creating take away materials such as a flyer and brochure that would be utilized as both a digitally interactive piece as well as printed collateral to help with sales enablement. With the addition of a Smoking Cessation Program, this brochure series was created to educated and help people wishing to quit smoking reach their goal. The series also acts as a workbook with prompts in the back to help people work through the entire process.

The challenge of healthcare marketing is not only reaching people in the right moment of their life to be part of their story, their healthcare journey, but connecting them through creative graphics and content. The purpose is to create marketing materials that break down all of the important information into an easy to read and concise manor that people can digest, while engaging the end user at the same time, prompting them to make a decision to pick up the phone or send an email to connect.

The Spring Hills team is thankful for the support they have received to be part of the success. The team continues to push and evolve designs and capabilities. The team’s goal is not only be a leader in healthcare but, in healthcare marketing. With seven awards under their belt and measurable success, there is no doubt that healthcare marketing matters.

About Spring Hills: 
Spring Hills operates post-acute care, assisted living, and memory care communities, and home care services that provide comprehensive support, including population health management, for seniors and those with chronic health needs. Spring Hills ensures the highest standards for proactive health care and quality of living at every stage and is committed to helping people live happy, healthy lives.

Led by Alexander Markowits, Founder and President/CEO, Spring Hills is committed to providing seamless care experiences that meet the unique needs and preferences of residents, patients, and their families. Spring Hills has 35 facilities across seven states: Post-Acute Care in NJ; Assisted Living and Home Care in NJ, NY, VA, OH, FL and NV; and Memory Care in TX, VA, NV and FL. For more information, visit


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