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Getting Out Of Work Rut

June 15, 2021 | Blog

Even when you love your job, there can be times where you feel stuck and unmotivated. Your work can be very rewarding but also can be draining, and challenging finding a way to continue through the difficult times is important. Here are some reasons you might be a rut, and how to get out of it. 

In a work rut?

Why it happens

If you want to be able to get motivated and feel better about work you have to understand why you are in a rut. Here a few reasons why you might be down at work: 

  • The excitement is gone 
  • Your work life balance is off 
  • Your struggling at work 
  • There is a lack of challenge 
  • Your career is not progressing 
  • You aren’t learning new skills

How to recognize you’re in a rut  

There are ways to figure out if you might be in a work rut. Here are some feelings you might have towards work or at work that can be concerning: 

  • You’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed 
  • You are constantly finding excuses to take off 
  • You’re less productive/ efficient 
  • You’re unmotivated or unfulfilled 
  • You are questions your career 
  • You dread work 
  • You don’t feel challenged 
  • You feel disengaged 

Pull yourself out of the rut! 

Set goals 

Create goals for yourself to achieve and work towards. They can be both professional and personal as long as they are specific, relevant, achievable and have a set time so if it doesn’t go to waste. Try to work towards your goal daily as well, this can be helpful to making sure you reach the goal. 

Find meaning in your job 

If you are able to bring meaning back into your job, it can help bring your interest in your work back. Things like doing random acts of kindness to your co-workers can help you find positivity in your job, and give you satisfaction. 

Increasing your difficulty and get out of your comfort zone

Add more challenges! What harder tasks can you take on? Are there ways you can work towards bettering your qualifications for a higher position? Can you ask an advisor for harder tasks? Ask yourself these questions and increase your challenges. Getting out of your comfort zone is also very important. A big reason you might feel like you’re in a rut is that you might be doing the same thing everyday. Take charge of your life and make the correct changes.

Take risks  

Don’t be afraid to take risks. By taking risks you will be able to get out of that daily routine that can be putting you in a rut. The idea is to step outside of your box that you’ve been working in. If you believe you need to aren’t qualified for a job, take a risk and apply anyway, ask for that promotion, there is no harm in trying.  


Spring Hills 

At Spring Hills we take pride in providing our associates with every resource and opportunity to grow and prosper. Feeling like you’re in a rut in your career and not seeing potential to grow can be really upsetting. At Spring Hills we want our associates to always feel like they have trusted leadership and mentors to help them grow within the company. When you love what you do, the world is your oyster. A positive mind, a loving heart and engagement in your work creates fulfillment and meaning. Take the time to discover what you truly desire. Check out Spring Hills and see what it means to be part of a team that loves what they do, it is worth the fight to Live Happy.

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